smoking buds

Direct smoking is one of the famous and easiest ways of consuming marijuana. There are plenty of ways on how to consume the buds of marijuana to enjoy the THC content it provides together with its healing benefits. There is smoking with hookahs, making the buds as edible and tea, and ointment, as a method of consuming the pot buds, but most of the users always prefer the direct smoking method since it is the most accessible. What you will read below will not push you to change your marijuana smoking habit, but this might give you information about the major disadvantages of smoking the buds of marijuana directly.

Directly smoking the buds of marijuana means there is no filter

By smoking the marijuana buds directly, it means that the buds are not well filtered since there is no separation between the weed, smoke, and smoker’s mouth. Burned buds cause harmful chemicals such as hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, and nitric oxide to occur, making direct smoking a disadvantage. To keep safe, make sure that the marijuana you are using is a more potent one so you do not have to hit more and more just to have the full effect of the strain. Second, you can use a filter with non-chemical material used. Lastly, you can exhale immediately after inhaling deeply. The last tip is important because it prevents the tars from marijuana to coat your lungs.

Consuming marijuana with regular smoking gives you a lesser option

Let us face it. Some marijuana tastes earthy, some pungent, some smells like diesel, some taste sweet, citrus, and fruity. These mixing combinations of taste can not be favorable to some smokers due to the fact that they hate the natural flavor of the strain and that they can not tolerate the strong kick of the marijuana’s aroma. With direct smoking, pot users can not alter the taste since they can not put flavorings to the weed that they are about to smoke. One of the best solutions that you can take to avoid this type of displeasure is to use hookahs in smoking a strain. This device will allow the user to personalize his experience of smoking the strain due to the fact that he can add flavoring to outpower the strong unpleasing taste and scent of the marijuana that he is about to smoke.


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