Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin

There are many ways in which marijuana seed banks accept payment for weed seeds that customers order. One of the most common types of payment options that almost all marijuana seed banks offer is through the use of BitCoin. Now, many people resort to using this online payment platform for a number of reasons. Since it has been around for a long time now, BitCoin has built its reputation for being a fast and convenient way of making payments through the Internet. 

In this article, we will tackle the different pros and cons of using BitCoin. After reading this, you may decide on using BitCoin for every purchase of marijuana seeds that you make.


Bitcoin is an online platform used for receiving and transferring money between different accounts. It basically works as an electronic wallet where each “BitCoin” is a systemized type of currency that is used to make purchases. BitCoin revolutionized the whole idea of cryptocurrency. It acts as another form of money that people use over the Internet. “BitCoin units” are basically files of data that are compressed into separate blocks. This information acts as the “value” of each BitCoin, thus giving people reasons to use them.  

Users of BitCoin have their information stored into accounts that are safely secured. Also, each and every detail of your transaction is recorded. You can access all of these through their app or website. With this being said, BitCoin is a fairly safe way of making your purchases. Although people usually have doubts about using cryptocurrencies over the Internet, BitCoin has proven to erase this stigma and give people a fairly reliable way of buying their weed seeds.  


  • Because they record your transactions separately as you use it, BitCoin can help you keep track of every weed seed purchase that you make. 
  • Only you will have access to your account and digital wallet, which means that your personal information is kept safe. Your transactions are also treated with secrecy and animosity which is perfect for purchasing marijuana seeds.
  • Bitcoin wallets can be filled up using the app or website. With just a few simple steps, you will have enough BitCoin units to purchase weed seeds at any time you want. 
  • It benefits marijuana seed banks just as much as it does the customers. Through BitCoin, marijuana seed banks can receive payments in just a matter of minutes. Because of this, they can quickly send out packages which make more room for more orders. It helps maximize the number of weed seeds they can ship out.


  • There have been reports that electronic wallets have been hacked in recent years. While it is unlikely with the use of BitCoin, you can never really fully remove this inherent risk.
  • It may be less secure than other payment options. It requires less information and people have been reluctant to accept this as a payment method.
  • It does not provide any guarantees of not getting scammed. In the scenario where you do get scammed, refunds may not be a feature for BitCoin users. 
  • Bitcoin is still undergoing strenuous development. Not many people have heard of this yet. This may cause people to believe that they are being scammed.

Overall, BitCoin provides customers with a trustworthy and reliable way to pay for the weed seeds that they purchase online. Of course, it is not perfect but with the value of service it provides, BitCoin is clearly one of the most viable options for marijuana seed banks. Here are some marijuana seed banks that accept BitCoin as payment for their products: 


  • Sonoma Seeds
  • SunWest Genetics
  • Beaver Seeds
  • MJ Seeds Canada
  • Rocket Seeds