Buy Cannabis Seeds Uruguay

What most people might not be aware of is how Uruguay deals with the cannabis scene that has been flourishing in the nation for many years now. You see, Uruguay is quite a small country but the cannabis scene over there is actually quite expansive. Though many people don’t usually head down to Uruguay for some marijuana adventures, perhaps now would be the time to think otherwise. Many people tend to focus on other big countries when it comes to marijuana. This is slightly off-putting given the fact that the recreational use of marijuana has been legal in Uruguay since 2012.

So with that being said, what exactly is the cannabis scene like there in Uruguay? Are there still any rules regarding the recreational consumption of marijuana? All these can be answered by reading through this article. Let’s get started.


Let’s start things off by saying that Uruguay never had any intention of criminalizing marijuana in the first place. While many countries banned the use and cultivation of such illegal substances, Uruguay was a country that naturally developed the ability to co-exist with cannabis without any uncontrolled risks. Despite it is unlawful to make and sell drugs for business use, having them was not a genuine offense unless it was proven that you were to sell them for commercial purposes. During the year 1974, it was common practice for an appointed authority to assess and decide if the drugs that you possessed should merit a certain degree of penalties. 

Throughout the years, people were developing cannabis seeds and attempting to distribute them for profit. It was also happening both locally and internationally for Uruguay. This eventually pushed the Uruguayan president to report the conventional sanctioning of cannabis and cannabis seeds inside the nation. Thus, cannabis was officially legal in Uruguay. By making cannabis lawful, aimed to give people the opportunity to be responsible for consuming cannabis without having to break the law, and surprisingly, it worked.

During some time in 2013, a proper bill was submitted and the legitimization of cannabis inside Uruguay was officially a thing. This opened countless opportunities encompassing the development of cannabis seeds and the cannabis scene as a whole. 


The laws and regulations that surround cannabis in Uruguay are quite appealing to both citizens and tourists. There are many loopholes and gray areas that can help people maximize the cannabis experience in this country. Uruguay has an active and booming cannabis industry that suits the necessities of both recreational and medical marijuana users. The administration even sees it fit to permit and authorize certain establishments to provide marijuana to people in the country. 

Cannabis is actually quite accessible anywhere you are in Uruguay. There are dozens of sources that citizens and tourists can choose from to purchase their weed. Local marijuana dispensaries and certain coffee shops are public enough about marijuana to even sell them over the counter. Of course, this comes with some limitations. As for medical patients, there are a number of specified clinics that are licensed to distribute medical cannabis to them. Also, online marijuana seed banks like Crop King Seeds and Sonoma Seeds will have no problem shipping to the country due to its lax policies about cannabis importation.


Keep in mind that despite marijuana being openly accepted in Uruguay, there are still certain laws especially regarding the possession of such. The current cannabis policy allows anyone in Uruguayan territory to possess as much as 480 grams of cannabis at any given point in time. Be that as it may, in the event that you are to buy your cannabis from local shops, you are only allowed to purchase 40 grams of cannabis for each month. Despite this, the law takes into account any reasons for exceeding this amount and is actually quite tolerable.

While you are able to buy and carry cannabis in the nation, Uruguay has many favorable laws encompassing the development of cannabis seeds. In Uruguay, it is perfectly legal to possess and purchase cannabis seeds. But remember that it is best to utilize your cannabis seeds carefully and secretly. The current policy allows citizens to grow and cultivate six (6) cannabis plants annually.  

One other great thing about Uruguay is the abundance of cannabis clubs. They are basically establishments that people go to in order to enjoy different kinds of marijuana strains and types. Unlike citizens, these establishments have a unique set of rules that govern them. They are allowed to plant more cannabis plants and they are fully authorized to distribute marijuana products to citizens of Uruguay. Outsiders are not permitted to buy cannabis In Uruguay. If you plan on taking a tour in this country for its marijuana scene, it is best to know a resident from there.