Buy Cannabis Seeds – South Korea

As many people would expect, Asian countries have one of the most stringent cannabis laws that you would find anywhere in the world. While other countries seem to start moving towards the global legalization of cannabis, many others seem reluctant to do the same. However, things might start changing for the better since these countries have slowly begun to reform their cannabis laws. One such country is South Korea. Up until 2018, no signs of cannabis legalization have taken place in the country. But that all changed when the South Korean Government decided to authorize the use of medical marijuana.

This was a big step for cannabis in Asia as it was the first Asian country to fully legalize the use of medical cannabis for patients. We discuss this and more in the following paragraphs. If you want to know more about cannabis in South Korea, then read on!

History of Cannabis in South Korea

Hemp was developed normally in the wild environments of South Korea due to the ideal climate. This causes civilizations and early individuals in this nation to reap and make use of it for its high levels of fiber and nutrients. This particular point in time dates as far back as 3000 BCE.

Fast forwards to the 1930s, hemp, or industrial cannabis were still broadly produced for material creation in particular provinces of South Korea. However, this changed when in 1957; some of the bordering countries around South Korea started limiting the utilization of cannabis and decided to treat the drug as an illegal substance. Furthermore, governments found a way to mitigate the use of marijuana by putting up the Opiates Demonstration program. This program sought to criminalize the utilization of illegal drugs listed under the bill, including marijuana and anything cannabis-related. And for the years to follow, South Korea has applied strict rules with regards to marijuana.

Cannabis in South Korea Today

Recreational Cannabis:

Cannabis’ notoriety in South Korea and probably any other part of the globe developed during the 1960s. During this time, youthful Korean residents and famous personalities used marijuana extensively for its mind-altering effects and enjoyable highs. This caused South Korea’s administration to deal with the development of a dangerous hobby in its culture which could result in major problems in the future. As a result, they executed The Cannabis Control Act in 1976, forbidding all types of cannabis.

Up until today, the utilization, possession, distribution, and cultivation of cannabis in South Korea are an unauthorized activity met with stringent consequences. However, cannabis seeds, leaves, and roots are perfectly legal depending on how it is used. Developing and cultivating cannabis seeds in South Korea is occasionally permitted as long as there is express consent from the Service of Food and Medication Security and approved by the President. The South Korean government has the objective of making sure that their country is free of drugs and other illegal substances. This makes it hard for even tourists to enjoy the cannabis scene down here in Korea. The best chance that you would get in this country is by making friends in the area and accessing them through secret dealers.

Medical Cannabis:

Last 2019, the South Korean government authorized the importation of medical prescriptions based on properties found in cannabis.  This was a huge step forward for the cannabis scene over in Asia. It was the first country that agreed to utilize medical cannabis. However, the use of medical cannabis is extremely regulated and comes with many restrictions. There are only some specific health conditions that may utilize medical cannabis. These include seizures such as epilepsy, chronic pain, PTSD, and HIV. 

As of today, South Korea probably doesn’t offer the best shot at a marijuana holiday. We would have to wait for a number of years until they fully legalize both the medical and recreational use of the substance. Knowing and understanding the laws in this country can really help you stay away from trouble if you ever find yourself here. Maybe in the future, they would offer great opportunities to enjoy the cannabis scene in this part of the world.