Buy Cannabis Seeds – Brazil

Let us get a closer look at the cannabis scene in Brazil. Most of you may be wondering if it is legal to consume and possess marijuana in this country. Are there any guidelines that restrict its usage? How do people from this country acquire their weed seeds? We will answer all these and more in this article. Read on for more information.


Like most countries, Brazil was also comforted with the idea of initially banning the possession and use of cannabis. Because of the common side effects that the substance had on its users, they were keen on keeping the drug away from its citizens as much as possible. Government officials even imposed fines and arrests for anyone suspected of drug use and distribution. 

However, in 2006 cannabis was decriminalized but only for private and personal use. Additionally, the laws and policies governing cannabis were also lessened. This caused people to believe that they were free to consume cannabis. But this was not the case. After its initial decriminalization, many people were still subject to arrests and fines. People started to protest because of the undue justice that was owed to those who believed cannabis should be allowed for consumption even in small amounts.

Last 2015, the government signed a bill that allowed the medical use of cannabis for patients suffering from various diseases. This was in line with the fact that many of the arrests made prior to that were of patients suffering from chronic pain. Today in 2020, the government has also allowed home cultivation for medical cannabis.


Up until today, only medical cannabis is legalized in Brazil. Though recreational use does not seem too far back, it is still illegal to use marijuana in Brazil for leisure and doing so can cause penalties and run-ins with local authorities. As for medical purposes, there has been a substantial improvement in this area due to the demands of Brazil’s citizens. 

Way back 2014; people urged the government to allow cannabis as a medical treatment for various health conditions. As a result, the leading government body responsible for Health Regulation in Brazil allowed the importation of medical cannabis strains into the country. These imports mainly focus on CBD products that are proven to effective in dealing with body pain, seizures, and anxiety. 

In order for citizens to be able to make use of medical cannabis, they must first secure a certificate that gives them consent to order cannabis (mostly CBD products) from international shops. Brazil’s Health Regulations body, also known as ANVISA, is mainly responsible for allowing this. Since cannabis is Brazil is a non-registered drug, patients who wish to use medical weed are required to first secure a written prescription from their local physicians. Once this prescription is acquired, this is then attached to the request of a patient that is subsequently submitted to ANVISA for approval. This practice is still going on up to this day. 


Because of the strict and suffocating rules regarding marijuana in Brazil, it is nearly impossible to acquire them locally. Local weed dispensaries and marijuana shops are not present in Brazil’s markets. As such, the best way for Brazilian citizens to acquire weed seeds is through ordering online from marijuana seed banks. There are lots of marijuana seed banks that are willing to send their products to places such as Brazil. Additionally, you will not have to worry about your package being caught or confiscated. These marijuana seed banks specialize in discreet shipping and stealthy deliveries that make them send their marijuana seeds without being detected. Here are some of the best marijuana seed banks that citizens of Brazil can order their weed seeds from:


There have been many countries that have agreed to the widespread legalization of cannabis in their countries. These are places which have been able to keep the cannabis activities in check and regulate them with great effectiveness. As soon as Brazil if exposed to the discipline and responsibility of dealing with cannabis, then we don’t see why they should ban its use. Of course, the government is always the deciding body of that topic. For now, people in Brazil can continue to enjoy marijuana seeds ordered from offshore cannabis shops.