Buy Cannabis Seeds – Italy

Despite the somewhat complicated status of cannabis in Italy, it has been one of the most prominent tourist destinations for stoners anywhere on Earth. However, this does not come with zero risks. Of course, Italy has its own set of policies and rules that regulate the use and consumption of cannabis. While it is quite a strict country with regards to the cannabis activities that people partake in, it doesn’t mean that the cannabis scene up in Italy isn’t enjoyable. In fact, it is currently one of the places where marijuana buds and flowers are pretty accessible to the public, albeit they do so secretly.

Italy is more or less a cannabis haven for people who know where to get their hands on them. But as a tourist, you may be wondering where to get marijuana in Italy. Is it legal? What are the different policies about marijuana that I should be aware of? We are going to give you guys a brief summary of what to expect when visiting the cannabis scene here. Let’s take a look

History of Cannabis in Italy:

Cannabis, specifical hemp, is a plant that made an extremely large impact on Italy’s economy. Not only was it an abundant plant growing everywhere across the country, it was also known to be a great source of fiber and other minerals. Because of the ideal climate and growing conditions in this country, Italy was specifically singled out to be among the top sources of industrial cannabis (hemp) around the world. In fact, during the 1940s Italy was among the top 3 producers and distributors of hemp.

However, this didn’t last as technology began to catch up to traditional ways. Because of the rise of technological innovations during the early 60s, people found other sources of fiber. This caused the hemp industry to crash significantly. Furthermore, cannabis during this time was facing legal issues that ultimately banned it from being used for both recreational and medical purposes.

Current Status of Cannabis in Italy:

In recent years, Italy saw a resurgence of the hemp industry due to the now public support of people towards cannabis. Additionally, Italy is also one of the many countries that sought to legalize the nationwide use of medical cannabis. During 2016, the Italian government came to terms that the cultivation of cannabis plants would be legalized as long as these strains contained low levels of THC (0.2%)

While it is still very much under strict rules and regulations, medical cannabis and hemp products are easily accessible in Italy. There are shops and cafes that offer products made of hemp and other cannabis products. Additionally, medical marijuana is attainable from local dispensaries and certain pharmacies. 

As for the recreational sector of things, marijuana is known to be decriminalized all across Italy. It is possible to be fined for possession of marijuana and misbehavior due to being under the influence of such may even lead to prison time. In order to partake in certain cannabis activities such as distribution and cultivation, a certain permit must be secured. “Cannabis light” has become quite a trend in Italy considering the now legal status of the plant. It basically refers to cannabis strains that contain a low THC level. With a THC and cannabinoid level that low, the government saw it fit to remove any restrictions against the use and cultivation of this plant. 

Where can I get cannabis seeds and marijuana in Italy?

For the most part, it is technically illegal to purchase cannabis in public over in Italy which pretty much rules out any local weed dispensaries. Additionally, cannabis light is more thought of as a “valuable” rather than a consumable portion due to its extremely low THC content. So how exactly does the cannabis scene stay alive in Italy with such harsh and strict policies?

Well, stoners and marijuana enthusiasts do have a way of doing things. As you know, unlicensed dealers and black markets are very much a thing in today’s world. We aren’t exactly talking about dangerous, underground sources that are illegal. These pertain to secret growers who usually offer them in various coffee shops and some traditional stores and pharmacies. Of course, this may seem risky especially to some beginner growers. 

One other option that many, many people resort to is ordering them from marijuana seed banks. These are licensed cannabis shops that are perfectly legal and permitted to operate in their given establishments. Although it may not be legal in all places, marijuana seed banks specialize in shipping out weed seeds to places secretly so as not to attract any attention from local authorities. Because Italy is such a massive country overflowing with marijuana enthusiasts, they make up a sizable portion of a marijuana seed bank’s market. Some of the most trustworthy seed banks that are worth giving a shot include Crop King Seeds, Beaver Seeds, Sonoma Seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden, MSNL Seed Bank, and SunWest Genetics among many others. 

As you can see, the cannabis scene in Italy is alive and well. As a tourist, one can see why it is a premium destination for stoners. For more information about Italy’s cannabis status, we have more articles regarding the subject. Remember to always research the different rules and regulations of a country before booking a cannabis vacation. Happy smoking!