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As a nation rich with history, it is easy to see how cannabis use and consumption fits its way into India’s culture. Because of the diverse religions and beliefs that can be found in the many parts of India, there are many reasons to justify the utilization and overall legalization of cannabis in this part of the world. However, nothing is as simple as it seems. Despite being known as one of the earliest sources of cannabis and perhaps one of the best places to acquire weed seeds, India in its entirety still hasn’t officially legalized marijuana. In addition to this, both the use of recreational and medical marijuana has been stated to be “punishable” by law. 

Despite the strict rules and regulations that govern cannabis in India, the marijuana scene is still booming. In fact, it is now more alive than ever before. This may be confusing to some as it is an illegal drug. So what exactly is the status of cannabis in India? Is it legal? We are going to give you guys a brief description of what to expect from the cannabis industry in this country.


The use of cannabis can often be justified to its ties and connection to the Hindu religion, which is one of the most followed religions in India. According to documented reports, the cannabis plant is cited in numerous articles and Hindu writings from nearly 3,000 years ago. Early settlers believed that the cannabis plant was a sacred plant and that spiritual beings resided inside of them. One of Hindu’s gods, Shiva, was widely associated with cannabis and ”Bhang”, an Indian drink that makes use of cannabis parts that is special to its culture up to this day. In fact, up until today, law enforcement has allowed the use of bhang in certain rituals and traditions. This is an exception to the policies regarding marijuana consumption. 

Additionally, the origins of cannabis can be traced back to the mountains of India. One of the cannabis plant’s main species, the indica cannabis, is said to have first sprouted in the mountainous regions of this country. During this time, civilizations used the cannabis plant as a means of treating body pains and other common illnesses.   


Back in 1985, a bill was passed that was aimed to regulate and keep the cannabis activities in India controlled and in check. This was called the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. Upon being implemented, it made sure that no drug abuse was being tolerated in the provinces of India. However, as time passed, each province began to develop its own set of rules regarding marijuana consumption. For example, the province of Odisha saw fit to fully legalize the use of marijuana for both recreational and medical purposes. 

Today, there are certain rules that people must adhere to in line with marijuana possession and consumption. The selling, possession, and purchasing of marijuana buds and flowers (with the exception of bhang) are considered a criminal act and are punishable by law. However, marijuana seeds are authorized to be used and consumed so long as they are not cultivated. This also applies to the cannabis plant’s leaves, a part of the plant which many people deem harmless.

The possession of the illegal parts of the cannabis plant warrants a fine and some years in prison, depending on the amount of marijuana caught in a person’s possession. Despite this, it still hasn’t stopped India’s citizens from smoking marijuana.


Marijuana is easily accessible in India via the black markets, secret outlets, and even some specialized shops. Although it is illegal, these are places that people have frequently acquired their weed seeds from. Additionally, one other option is to order them from online marijuana seed banks. These are special marijuana shops that specialize in shipping weed seeds without getting caught. Some of the best marijuana seed banks to order from are:

It can be quite confusing to fully understand the current cannabis situation in Canada. Because of the large population and conflicting interests between tradition and law, authorities have found it difficult to regulate the use of marijuana in this country. As for its legalization, there seems to be no clear-cut sign of it happening anytime soon. But considering the way India’s citizens have handled it, marijuana is quite easily accessible in this country as long as you know where to look.