Buy Cannabis Seeds – France

A lot of people choose to visit France because of its amazing architecture and breathtaking sights. It has become one of the most famous tourist destinations for people all around the world. It has a rich history and a diverse culture that is enough to entice anyone for a holiday vacation. But can the same be said for the cannabis industry down in France? What is the marijuana scene like over there? Is it legal?

A lot of things may surprise you when it comes to cannabis in France. People would think that since it is one of the most famous countries in the world in terms of tourist visits and recognition, its marijuana scene would be more than open to the public. However, this is not the case. In fact, France has one of the most penalizing consequences for anyone caught using, purchasing, or distributing marijuana. Let us look a little more into the cannabis scene in France. Here, we will discuss its history as well as the current status of cannabis in this country.


The history of cannabis in France’s culture is brief yet it plays an important part in the whole story of cannabis as a drug. During the French’s invasion of Egypt in the late 1700s, French troops searched for ways to help themselves in relieving the stress and PTSD that came with the war. During that time, substances such as alcohol were not available in Egypt due to the prohibition of such in their religion. Egypt, however, yields a tropical-like climate that is suitable for the growth of the cannabis plant. With no other choice, the French troops resorted to using marijuana. As a result, marijuana was able to find its way to France. 

It was actually a French researcher by the name of Jacques-Joseph Moreau that was able to pinpoint the mind-altering effects of marijuana consumption. Ultimately, it is his research that led to the worldwide banning of cannabis consumption during the early 1800s.


Much to the surprise of many, marijuana remains a prohibited drug in France. Possession and use of the marijuana substance are still seen as a criminal act and may lead to a fine of over €7 million and up to 10 years of imprisonment. AS you can see, it is one of the most stringent cannabis laws not only in Europe but around the whole world. Additionally, the selling, purchasing, and cultivation of cannabis seeds are also illegal and may merit the same penalties depending on the situation.

This is also true with regard to medical cannabis. While many of its neighboring countries continue to advance in terms of medical cannabis, France still implements serious policies that restrict the use of this. Medical cannabis can only be availed of by patients who have extinguished all other methods of treatment for their conditions. Additionally, these medications are given only when patients secure prescriptions from specializing psychiatrists. Drugs such as Marinol and Sativex are cannabis-enhanced drugs that are used for numerous patients. It is also important to note that the production and distribution of medical marijuana from other sources are illegal.  


Although France is one of the strictest countries in terms of marijuana consumption, cannabis still remains as the most consumed illegal drug there. Citizens still find ways to acquire marijuana. In line with this, there are some great sources of marijuana and cannabis seeds for people in France. As risky as it seems, there are people who actually sell marijuana in coffee shops, sidewalks, and other public places. If you plan on actually buying marijuana from these places, make sure you do it in secret. 

Another option would be to order your weed seeds online from marijuana seed banks. This is a much more discreet and stealthy way of ordering marijuana seeds. They usually offer stealth shipping so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught. Some of the best marijuana seed banks to order from include: Crop King Seeds, Sonoma Seeds, Blimburn, and MSNL. 

France has a long way to go in terms of cannabis legalization. However, this does not stop its cannabis enthusiasts from enjoying the benefits of this wonderful plant. Within a few more years, France may find itself reforming the laws that govern marijuana. But up until that time, we must be patient and see what happens.