Buy Cannabis Seeds – Belgium

The stand of Belgium with regards to marijuana is just like what you would expect from any other European country. With a history that caused the country to depend largely on hemp for its economy to the sudden and immediate stop of its use and consumption, Belgium has undergone numerous events and reformations on its laws regarding marijuana. But despite all of this, Belgium is actually a very decent place where people go for their cannabis holidays. 

A lot of you may be wondering how people deal with marijuana in Belgium. Well, we will discuss what the cannabis scene is like up there. Additionally, we will give you guys a brief summary of the history that pertains to cannabis and Belgium.


During the early years, Belgium gained a reputation for being one of the biggest producers of cannabis and hemp around the world. They built their industry around hemp, which proved useful for building many things due to its strong fibers. The cannabis industry in Belgium was more geared towards an industrial sector, with many things such as fishing nets, ropes, and textiles being manufactured frequently. It was only during later that the citizens and workers in Belgium started consuming cannabis. While they thoroughly enjoyed the experience, research and studies exposed the negative side effects of the cannabis plant.

Soon after, many countries around the world started changing their views about hemp and cannabis. It greatly affected their workforce and caused multiple problems including drug abuse. As early as the 1920s, cannabis was prohibited by countries including Belgium. In 1925, with the International Opium Act being conveyed, marijuana was placed under a list of illegal drugs which included opium, cocaine, and heroin. 

Because Belgium relied heavily on hemp as a driving force for its economy, they needed to find other ways to cope with the sudden stop of the cannabis industry. Soon after, they started developing different crops and the economy slowly started to regain some of its power.

As the years went by, nations started to see cannabis in a different light. Instead of permanently banning it, many of these nations decided to decriminalize them in order to reap the benefits of the wonderful plant. As the USA started pushing for reform in its cannabis laws, this sparked a trend in which many other places would follow. This included Belgium, of course, as they decided to legalize marijuana within the country in 2003. 


Marijuana has been decriminalized in Belgium since 2003. Although it is still technically illegal and numerous policies still surround it, people of legal age were finding themselves being able to frequently use the substance. There are many places in Belgium that you can acquire weed from in secret. Black markets and secret dealers are abundant in certain places. If you are lucky, you may even come across a weed shop. Of course, online shopping is also an option. Crop King Seeds, Beaver Seeds, and Sonoma Seeds are some of the most reliable seed banks that can ship to Belgium.

While cannabis is technically prohibited in Belgium, people have found ways in which they can get their hands on it. Because it has been decriminalized for many years now, the fear of getting caught using cannabis has significantly dropped. People in the country have started to deal with it regularly in secret. Also, cultivation has been increasingly common in households, albeit hidden from the public. While there is no official law that states cannabis is now legal to use, one would not know the difference since it is very openly embraced nowadays. Of course, this always comes with risks. If you are not careful with what you do, it may lead to you getting in trouble. 

Being caught in possession of marijuana with an amount of over 3 grams can merit you to pay a fine. Also, getting caught while under the influence of such a drug can lead to other penalties. Disturbing public peace is one of the most dangerous offenses that you can get because while the marijuana charges will not result in prison time, your misdemeanor caused by marijuana can.


The policies regarding marijuana in Belgium are quite lax. In fact, obeying the laws and avoiding any public attention when undergoing marijuana activities can really enhance a person’s cannabis experience in this country. Police and law enforcers are even known to tolerate marijuana to a certain degree. However, the law does state that cannabis is illegal and the penalties for such may cause users some serious problems.

Despite it being decriminalized, the law states that an excessive amount of offenses may lead to a few months in prison. Additionally, carrying marijuana that is more than the limited amount will result in fines. Cultivating marijuana seeds and selling them for commercial purposes if you are not an authorized dealer is a grave offense. In such cases, the courts may even have to step in.