Buy Cannabis Seeds – Turkey

Turkey is well-known across the globe most especially for its white-sand beaches and mountainous tourist spots. But one thing that doesn’t necessarily associate itself with Turkey is cannabis. This may be a little off-putting to some since Turkey is known to be one of the places of origin for the Cannabis Indica variety of weed. In fact, the cannabis plant actually grows quite abundantly in Turkey’s wilderness. So what exactly is the cannabis scene like in this country? Does it have a cannabis industry that prospers?

This article will explain the history that Turkey has with cannabis as well as the current state of the industry and how it is putting up in today’s world. If you want to learn more about Turkey’s laws and regulations regarding cannabis, then read on!


As stated above, the species of cannabis known as the cannabis indica was once an abundant plant found in the mountainous regions of Turkey. Because of the warm climate and tropical weather that usually draped over the provinces of Turkey, the cannabis plant was able to flourish and develop certain traits and characteristics under these conditions. However, being one of the earliest civilizations to make use of the cannabis plant does have its downsides.

Turkey was also one of the first countries to start the worldwide banning of marijuana use and cultivation around the world. In 1890, before any Narcotics Act was passed, the Turkish government had already prohibited marijuana use. In 1925, it was formerly part of the group of countries which were signatories to the banning of illegal narcotics, including cannabis.


One thing to know is that the cannabis rules and regulations in Turkey are fairly strict as compared to other countries. But despite this, it is actually very common for people to be consuming marijuana in the nation, albeit secretly and in private. There are many local bars and cafes that offer to sell both cannabis seeds and dried marijuana consumption. This is because, like some other countries, there are major loopholes in Turkey’s cannabis laws. Events and fiestas are often held to celebrate the use and consumption of marijuana in Turkey. Additionally, it is a very famous commodity among tourists and citizens alike who look to enjoy the lush beaches and other tourist spots while getting high. While a lot of people do this, it would be wise to consume your weed in private places such as houses, hotel suites, and the like.

As for medical marijuana, there is also a sort of gray area that surrounds the use of such. Last 2016, the government mandated the use of some cannabis-infused medicines such as Sativex in order to treat certain illnesses. However, there are many restrictions on medical marijuana, and using dried cannabis leaves for treatment is also illegal.

While it is very possible to acquire your weed seeds from local dispensaries and coffee shops, some people may find it risky to do this especially since these are public places. So it is actually quite common for people in Turkey to order their weed seeds online. Many marijuana seed banks specialize in discreetly shipping marijuana seeds. Some of these include Sonoma Seeds, Crop King Seeds, SunWest Genetics, and Rocket Seeds.


Like we said, Turkey is known for having a very stringent set of cannabis policies. For one, it is mainly illegal to be consuming such substances in public places such as parks and open lots. Purchasing, distributing, and cultivating marijuana also merits the same punishments. Depending on the degree of your violations, you may see yourself spending around 2 to 3 years in prison or paying a hefty fine. Additionally, possessing anything more than 11 grams of dried marijuana can earn you a trip to drug rehabilitation. 

However, a common practice is actually less strict than this. It is quite common for residents to ask for pardon from the law enforcers who usually tolerate small violations. But always keep in mind that it is always better to fully avoid these risks and consume your cannabis in private.