Things To Remember When Consuming Marijuana

The popular way of consuming marijuana buds is through smoking since this is the easiest and accessible among other consumption methods. But there are also marijuana users that prefer the hookahs or vaporizers as devices for pot consumption because of its diversity and mobility. Marijuana smokers prefer the smoking of their weed with hookah because it can be customized with flavors and gives a good taste as opposed to the lighted method wherein the buds taste burned. Smoking with hookah can be fun since it can be done with friends and in a different manner but there are plenty of considerations to remember when using this marijuana smoking device. Listed below are some points to remember when consuming marijuana with hookahs.

Invest with flavoring so you can play with taste and scent

Regular smoking will not provide you this benefit of altering the flavor of marijuana. There are pot strains that have diesel and earthy taste, making the smoking experience unpleasant. Smoking with hookahs allows users to customize the scent and taste through flavorings. You can experiment with fruity flavors such as orange, kiwi, strawberry, and other tastes such as mint and chocolate. Don’t feel bad about using these flavorings since this will not affect the THC level of your marijuana.

Make sure that your hookah device is cleaned before and after use.

The concept of cleanliness in smoking marijuana is important and must be the first priority of a responsible pot smoker. The fact that the hookah is a device and has contact with your mouth, better make sure that your smoking mechanism is clean to avoid contact with unwanted germs. Aside from the container itself, you should check that the charcoal that you will use is fresh since this may cause unwanted flavors. Second, you should check the hose and the flask where the water and steam flow since there might be molds forming inside. Lastly, as a diligent marijuana smoker, you must clean the hookah immediately after use.

It is always for private and personal use.

Despite the reality, that smoking with hookah devices can be done with friends and plenty of people, the rule of not telling anyone and being secretive about that you are hitting marijuana with hookah is a must. This precaution is needed because you do not want to risk your life and privacy with the smoking experience.


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