Buy Cannabis Seeds – Argentina

Buying cannabis seeds may differ from country to country. There are laws in place for each to serve as guidance. These laws and regulations will prevent the abuse of cannabis, most especially for the youth. In this article, we will talk about the process of procurement and purchase of cannabis seeds in Argentina. Learn how to source the best cannabis seeds for cultivation and some vital information on seed banks.

It is important to learn and discuss how cannabis can help through recreational and medical use. Through these learnings, we will understand how cannabis fits into local societies.

Is Weed Legal in Argentina?

Many people may ask, is weed legal in Argentina? Over the last years, the use of cannabis in Argentina and the other small provinces within the country have undergone several changes in ruling about marijuana use. In March of 2017, medical cannabis became legal in Argentina. Individuals or patients with proven medical conditions can get a medical marijuana prescription from a licensed physician. Even though medical marijuana is legal in the said country, it states that growing and cultivating their own cannabis is prohibited. Patients will still have to source through licensed health care providers in the country. The qualifying conditions for Argentina’s medical marijuana system include those experiencing chronic pain, epilepsy, autism among others. Laws are laid down for the growing number of medical cannabis users.

Recreational cannabis use is extremely common in Argentina despite of its illegality. However, with the 2009 court ruling also known as the Arriola ruling, the Supreme Court of Argentina ruled that it is “unconstitutional” to punish people for using drugs personally with would go against Section 19 of Argentina’s constitution. It reads as follows, “the private actions of men which in no way offend any public order or morality, nor can injure a third party, are only reserved to God and are exempted from the authority of judges.”

When you visit Argentina, you will be surprised to see people who openly smoke in public places such as parks, clubs, and streets. It is also common to find many people cultivating cannabis plants in the comfort of their homes. You might think that Argentina’s laws on cannabis are not very clear. Authorities take marijuana laws half or semi-seriously. For those who are caught, a bribe for avoiding any legal issues are quite becoming the practice.

Even though buying and selling, possessing and growing cannabis is against the law, Argentina remains to be one of the most progressive countries when it comes to cannabis. Sourcing out cannabis in the streets is not hard and many people grow their own medical marijuana plants at home. It may be limited in the number of plants per household to avoid conflict with current laws in place.

Seedbanks in Argentina

Concerning seed banks in Argentina, we cannot find a solid review of seed banks that are available in the country that is worth checking out. However, there are reputable seed banks that ship high-quality cannabis seeds in Argentina. One of the highest recommended seed banks, in our research, is Crop King Seeds. An online seed bank has an outstanding reputation that ships to Argentina and the rest of the world. Crop King Seeds is popular for its fast delivery, reliable, and discreet services, making transactions hassle and worry-free. This seed bank offers various payment methods, making it easier to purchase, with ease and convenience. Crop King Seeds have dependable customer support that can assist you when purchasing seeds online.

Cannabis Culture in Argentina

Argentina is one of the most promising countries when it comes to cannabis. People embrace the benefits of what this wonder plant can do, especially it’s medicinal properties. Just be careful in possessing, cultivating, and transporting these substances in large scales to avoid serious mishaps with the law.