Buy Cannabis Seeds – Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, as many people recall, did have the potential to be one of the world’s most premier sources of weed. It was well on its way to introducing a whole new Cannabis Law that would reshape the cannabis industry in the Czech Republic. However, many circumstances changed that and up until today, cannabis still isn’t fully legal in this country. 

While it isn’t the most stringent and strictest country in the world with regards to marijuana, it still has a long way to go before people can fully enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant. However, this does not mean that the Czech Republic still isn’t moving towards improving its cannabis industry. It is currently in the process of slowly accepting and loosening the policies that restrict the growth and usage of marijuana. We will discuss some aspects that deal with the cannabis scene in the Czech Republic. Let’s have a look:


Cannabis in the Czech Republic dates back to the early days when farmers used to cultivate hemp plants regularly. These hemp plants were then harvested for their nutrition and medical benefits. Because of this, hemp played a major role in shaping the current culture and traditions of the Czech Republic.

However, things took a major turn when a number of countries decided against the use and cultivation of the cannabis plant. This led to farmers and growers stopping their productions of hemp plants. And during the 1950s when cannabis prohibition was at its highest, the Czech Republic was one of the countries to follow suit. 

In today’s world, the hemp plant still plays a major part in the Czechoslovakian culture. It is still widely used in making clothes and other apparel for traditional purposes. Additionally, last 2010 the government of the Czech Republic decided to lessen the degree of cannabis laws and regulations. This led to the personal consumption of the substance more possible. Furthermore, in 2013, the cannabis scene in the Czech Republic took a huge leap forward when local authorities decided to legalize and allow the use of medical cannabis. Today’s patients must secure a prescription from physicians specializing in medical marijuana. Additionally, only 180g of marijuana is allowed to be consumed per month by each patient.


Although cannabis in this country is technically an illegal substance, it does not stop people from acquiring it. In fact, the Czech Republic is a place where a lot of people could find great marijuana to consume. This is because the decriminalization of the drug has lessened people’s hesitance and reluctance when using it. Here are some of the mild policies that regulate the use of cannabis in the Czech Republic:

  • Dried marijuana of up to 10 grams is allowed to be possessed for PERSONAL CONSUMPTION only. 
  • Citizens are allowed to plant up to five (5) cannabis plants in their households. This must be done in private and out of public sight. It is important to note that while this is illegal and may solicit a fine for punishment, it will do little to cause imprisonment.
  • Cannabis SEEDS, on the other hand, are perfectly legal in the Czech Republic. People may openly purchase, possess, and distribute cannabis seeds for their own personal use. 
  • A legitimate prescription from a specialized psychiatrist is required in order to obtain medical marijuana. This medical marijuana may be found in local pharmacies. 180g of marijuana per month is allowed for each patient. 
  • It is NOT allowed to sell and distribute marijuana in the Czech Republic if you are not a registered distributor. Marijuana in your possession must be entirely for personal consumption only. 


The Czech Republic is blessed to be able to operate a number of marijuana dispensaries and pharmacies in certain areas. As long as these are registered and certified by local authorities, then these businesses may be allowed to operate. However, these local seed shops may have a limited stock of seeds and a small variety of choices. If this is the case, you can always opt for ordering them through online marijuana seed banks. Marijuana seedbanks such as Crop King Seeds, SunWest Genetics, and Rocket Seeds are cannabis seed banks that sell their products internationally. This makes them a great choice for citizens of the Czech Republic with limited access to marijuana.

Overall, the Czech Republic still has some work to do in order to fully legalize marijuana. But with its current situation and the pace that it is going, it won’t be long before it becomes a haven for marijuana enthusiasts everywhere.