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New Zealand’s landscape is filled with lush hills and green mountains that make for an amazing view. It is a wonderful country with a countryside that offers a breathtaking view. Now, like a marijuana enthusiast, it is quite easy to see that this is the perfect place to get stoned in. With what it has to offer, New Zealand is considered to be one of the best places that tourists can visit for their vacation trips. But is it a place where stoners can go to get high? What’s the cannabis scene like over there in New Zealand?

Though quite unfamiliar to many people, there is a lot to talk about with regard to the marijuana scene in New Zealand. Of course, it is not the first place that comes to mind when talking about marijuana. But with history and culture as diverse as the one in New Zealand, there is sure to be some connection to the cannabis world.

What is the history of cannabis in New Zealand?

While most of the countries under the British rule found an industrial purpose for the hemp plant, New Zealand had an abundant supply of different plants and minerals that were great sources of fiber. While it technically had never been influenced by the cannabis industry during the early 1920s, it likewise followed other countries in implementing the Dangerous Drug Act during 1927.

In the following years, many other places started making use of the prohibited drug and even caused serious substance abuse problems. However, New Zealand’s health department and the national government found ways to mitigate and lessen the risks of marijuana consumption. While it was still an illegal drug, medical establishments in New Zealand sought to make use of medical marijuana, albeit with a special prescription. But unfortunately, the worldwide Narcotics Act of 1965 saw to it that even medical marijuana be regulated with the utmost restrictions. 

Cannabis scene in New Zealand

While it is still one of the most widely used illegal substances in New Zealand today, the numbers were quite small in the past compared to other countries. In fact, recreational marijuana consumption in New Zealand was actually quite rare with the bulk of the demand coming from teenagers and young adults. But there have been some movements to legalize the said drug. For example, an event called the Green Party is an occasion held that promotes the legalization of recreational marijuana use for people aged 18 years or older.

Despite the low usage of cannabis in this country in the past, the numbers have slowly made their way up. In fact, New Zealand is now among the top 10 countries known for their marijuana usage in 2020. This may be attributed to the laws and policies that regulate the drug. They are far from strict when it comes to marijuana consumption. If a local enforcer comes across a citizen possessing or using a small amount in public, chances are they would tolerate and ignore such activity. This is because marijuana isn’t among the top causes of public disturbances in the country, thus making it less of a priority. 

While it is still far from materializing, rumors have resurfaced that the cannabis law will be reformed in 2020; thus, making the use and cultivation of cannabis in New Zealand legal.

Best Sources of Weed in New Zealand:

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There are sure to be local marijuana dispensaries and certain pharmacies that offer marijuana in New Zealand. It may be quite difficult to find them since it is still illegal in the place. However, do not expect these places to be licensed dealers as it is a risk to sell marijuana in public.