Buy Cannabis Seeds – Spain

Not many countries have had the same success in dealing with marijuana in the same way that Spain has. Because of the many loopholes that can be found in their cannabis laws and regulations, Spain has many different ways to offer both citizens and tourists a wonderful marijuana experience. Now, many of you may have heard that cannabis is publicly accepted and widely used around the provinces of Spain. But there is actually much more to learn about the cannabis industry in that country. For one, it may surprise people to learn that it is not entirely legalized yet.

In this article, we will give you guys little details about the cannabis scene and legality in Spain. Additionally, we will go over some of the rules and regulations that people should remember when taking a trip down to Spain for its cannabis wonders. Knowing and understanding these rules can really help guide people into avoiding any legal issues with local enforcers.


Spain was one of the first countries across Europe to discover and make use of the cannabis plant. During early times, Spanish civilizations frequently cultivated and harvested the cannabis plant for its nutritious health benefits and richness in fibers. Because it was a very natural growing commodity that had multiple purposes, the cannabis plant became a part of Spain’s commonly traded items during its many expeditions around the world. It is often credited for introducing marijuana to many other nations. Because of its high trade value, the cannabis industry in Spain was very lively during the early 1800s.

Despite the majority of the world banning the use of marijuana during the early 1900s, Spain was one of the last countries to ever consider placing legal restrictions on the drug. While it did eventually have to adhere to the Narcotics Act, Spain was also very lax with the policies that it implemented on the uses of marijuana.


Spain is well-known for its tropical climates and sunny days which make it an ideal place to grow your cannabis plants. And true enough, there are quite a lot of personal cannabis growers in this nation. It has become quite a common activity so long as it takes place in private. And while many people cultivate their own cannabis seeds, there are also a number of online websites that you can purchase your weed seeds from. Marijuana seedbanks such as Crop King Seeds, Sonoma Seeds, SunWest Genetics, Beaver Seeds, and Rocket Seeds are all great choices that ship to international waters such as Spain. 

Despite it being illegal to distribute and traffic marijuana in Spain, the numerous inconsistencies in the cannabis laws have allowed many cannabis clubs to be established in this country. These places allow its citizens and visitors to enjoy the public marijuana scene of Spain although the legal status of these places is quite complicated. Overall, marijuana is a very commonly used substance in Spain and most people can find open ways on how to enjoy it here. With festivals and parties abundant in Spain, there is no doubt that cannabis will find its way into your social life when visiting there.


Despite the open use of the substance in Spain, cannabis laws are actually quite strict in this region. The distribution and shipping of marijuana and cannabis seeds can result in your arrest. Additionally, when people in public are found with an unreasonably large amount of marijuana in their possession, they can be charged with a fine of up to €30,000. When citizens plan on cultivating their own cannabis seeds, this must be done in their private households and away from public sight. Also, the purpose of this cultivation must be for personal use only. It must be done in private or any designated smoking areas such as cannabis clubs.

Cannabis legalization for both medical and recreational purposes may not seem like a problem in Spain because of the many different ways in which people can acquire their marijuana. However, people must consider that it must be fully legalized in order to avoid any fines and jail time for cannabis activities. Spain looks to be well on its way to legalizing marijuana in the near future. Until then, it is still a great place to spend your marijuana holidays in.