Buy Cannabis Seeds – Jamaica

It is hard to imagine a Jamaican scene without connecting it to the wonderful plant that is cannabis. In fact, marijuana itself plays a major part in forming Jamaican culture and image. While it is a country with tropical climates and sunny conditions which make the cannabis plant abundant there, a lot of Jamaica’s traditions and background revolve around cannabis. Terms such as “ganja” originate in Jamaica and are closely connected to the cannabis culture there. However, it isn’t entirely legal in Jamaica. You cannot just openly light up a joint in the streets and not get in trouble for it. Of course, there are certain rules and regulations here that govern marijuana.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the history of cannabis in Jamaica. Additionally, we will see how marijuana has helped impact and shape the very lifestyle that can be found in this amazing country. And of course, we will tackle the legality and laws of marijuana when it comes to Jamaica’s cannabis scene.


When India was under the British Rule, cannabis was already a blossoming commodity under this era. When the British Colony expanded its reach to Jamaica, this opened the country’s doors to cannabis and as such, importations from India of the said plant began. While it didn’t essentially be an original source for cannabis growth, constant cultivation caused cannabis plants to sprout all around Jamaica up to this day.

During this time, cannabis was frequently grown and used by Jamaican citizens. Its use started growing in popularity and markets began offering this cannabis plant to everyone across the country. Unfortunately during the years 1910 to 1915, the Dangerous Drugs Act passed which caused cannabis consumption all around the world to come to an abrupt stop. Because the Jamaican community was so into the marijuana experience, this caused them to undergo secret cannabis activities and hide them from national governments. It became so popular that even the local authorities were believed to have protected the interests of people due to their common love for marijuana. 


After years of openly expressing their desire for a marijuana-focused lifestyle, the Jamaican citizens finally got what they wanted. In the year 2015, the Jamaican government decided to push towards decriminalizing the use of both medical and recreational cannabis. This was due in a large part to the Rastafarian movement that many Jamaican people followed faithfully. Rastafari is basically a combination of both religion and social movement that originated in Jamaica. While Rastafari is just like any other religion with its own beliefs and traditions, one of the things most closely associated with it is cannabis. Cannabis in Rastafarian culture is considered sacred as it is quoted to be ”promoted” in their own Bible version. The main root of all of this is the cannabis plant’s ability to promote sociability and uplifting moods, often being depicted as a catalyst for peace and love.

Aside from Rastafarianism, cannabis plays a large part in Jamaican culture mainly because of its leisure and medical benefits. 


There are certain guidelines when it comes to cannabis consumption in Jamaica. Keep in mind, however, that these policies are quite loose and make for a very enjoyable cannabis experience. For example, a person carrying anything lower than 2 ounces of dried cannabis is not subject to any criminal or regulatory offenses.  Additionally, cannabis cultivation is allowed in private households. This is, of course, limited to just five (5) plants per household. Cannabis is also legally distributed and sold by licensed dealers which you can find all around the country. But make sure that they are legitimate dealers. Also, anyone who follows the Rastafarian religion is free to use cannabis in any way that their practices deem necessary.


As stated above, acquiring marijuana products and seeds in Jamaica is not a problem as long as you obtain them from legal and licensed dealers. These can be found almost anywhere on the streets as marijuana is a popular commodity in this country. However, not all strains are present in each area of Jamaica so ordering them from online marijuana seed banks is also an option. Sites such as Crop King Seeds and SunWest Genetics are great choices for anyone looking to place an order online. Additionally, you will not have to worry about the importation of cannabis seeds in Jamaica as policies regarding this are quite relaxed.

Most people know Jamaica as a marijuana enthusiast’s dream destination. And rightly so, this is truly a place where lighting it up is always a possibility. Happy smoking!