Buy Cannabis Seeds – Japan

When we talk about cannabis plants and marijuana, Japan isn’t exactly the go-to topic that people discuss. Because they are known for their discipline and responsibility in just about anything that they do, one could come to the conclusion that Japan’s cannabis laws are treated with the utmost restrictions. In fact, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Japan did not allow both the recreational and medical use of cannabis. While the whole world starts moving towards the widespread legalization of cannabis, a person would probably expect Japan to be one of the last few remaining countries to uphold the nationwide ban of such substance.

Still, isn’t it quite intriguing to know just what exactly the cannabis scene is like down in Japan? Well, to start things off, let me make it clear that there IS a cannabis scene down in Japan. In fact, there seem to be many advocates of the said substance all over this country. However, in no way, shape, or form is cannabis legal in Japan. That includes medical marijuana! So, in this article, we are going to talk about the history that Japan has with cannabis as well as the current cannabis culture that can be found there. 


Cannabis was once viewed as a significant harvest in Japan. Truth be told, industrial cannabis or “hemp” was starting to become a normal commodity within the country. This plant was utilized in a wide range of purposes. While individuals tended to utilize it for material purposes, some proof recommends that cannabis seeds were likewise developed for the plant’s extraordinary psychoactive properties that made it famous for use back before some serious studies and research were able to pinpoint its negative side effects. 

During the time 1910 to 1915, Japan was effectively developing hemp as an essential yield. It was starting to become a growing activity that people did in many Japanese regions. The cannabis plant was flourishing in regions that some crops and plants would normally not grow in. Their quick ability to adapt to the weather conditions and environment only boosted the already growing industry of hemp and cannabis. 

However, in the early 1920s, the perspective on cannabis in Japan started taking a major turn. A few years later, national officials and authorities in Japan were keen on restricting the development of cannabis seeds. This led to the passing of the Cannabis Control Law. This law set limitations on the cultivation, ownership, and distribution of cannabis, especially by unlicensed dealers. And by 1948, cannabis was fully criminalized and stringent punishments were implemented for anyone caught doing any cannabis-related activity.


Since Japan has a total restriction on all types of cannabis, it comes as no surprise that the Japanese cannabis industry is totally kept secret and hidden from the public’s eye. This means that local weed dispensaries are out of the question. Additionally, if you do have the option to discover pot seeds available to be purchased in Japan, it is probably going to be flawed as far as quality. Being illegal, there are technically no lawful approaches to get Mary Jane in the nation so the cannabis scene is generally run by certain dealers giving or bringing in the items to residents. Japan weed costs are famously steep due to the stringent policies and regulations, even if underground markets. While this may cause legal issues with regards to marijuana, it is the only certain way that residents get to appreciate cannabis in this country. 

Because cannabis is extremely illegal in Japan, it isn’t surprising that national authorities effectively focus on catching the dealers of such. Just the mere assumption of police presuming you of selling cannabis in any capacity is enough to be met with the fullest degree of the law. Any marijuana-related activity is viewed as a significant encroachment and the legislature has been known to impose severe penalties on individuals such as fines and imprisonment. 

Overall, the cannabis situation is quite extreme in Japan. Because of the country’s stringent rules and nature of the discipline, Japan isn’t likely to start legalizing marijuana anytime soon. But hey, we could be wrong. As the world starts embracing the many health benefits of cannabis, maybe Japan will also start considering such.