purple marijuana strains

Developed in 2003 in California by Ken Estes, Granddaddy Purple, aka GDP,  is one of the more popular varieties among the Purple Marijuana strains. Classified as a robust Indica dominant strain, the GDP came about as the Purple Urkle strain was crossbred with the Big bud strain. It’s sweet and citrus-like aroma comes from the Purple urkle while its compact and thick flower structure originates from the Big bud. GDP’s effect hits fast but slowly fades into an ethereal calmness that brings the body into a state of relaxed tranquility.

Growing Grandaddy Purple Marijuana Strains

Considered a moderate plant to grow, thus not recommended for beginner growers. This is because this plant requires at least 50% humidity to thrive otherwise the plant could remain stunted and not fully grow. An important lookout also in growing the GDP is for it to have a steady amount of airflow. If grown indoors, proper ventilation is a must and a modest size humidifier could do the trick. Since it is of the Indica variety, its growth is usually short and dense. If grown outdoors, choose a spot where it could get an ample amount of sunlight, wind, and ample humidity.

The GDP plant is quite resistant to mold, pests, mildew, and diseases. Flowering time normally takes approximately 8 to 11 weeks and could yield at the most 19 ounces per plant outdoors and 17 ounces if grown indoors.


As mentioned earlier,  GDP hits fast. The user’s body immediately feels relaxed and the urge to sit and slouch is usually the case. At the onset, it’s either he would be couch-locked or might have the urge to trip on food. Then slowly the user fades deeply into being tired and sleepy. These effects from this strain are purple marijuana strains primarily the reason it has captured not only the Cannabis users in the U.S. but in the international community as well.


GDP is widely used as a medicinal option for both physical and mental conditions. On the physical side, GDP is relied on for its numbing properties, thus it is primarily used as a treatment for chronic pain. This strain also enhances one’s appetite or used as a sleep inducer. Mental issues can also be addressed using this strain, the sedative effect of GDP is used as an alternative treatment for anxiety, stress, and depression.

There are a few downsides to this strain, though manageable. The most common complaint is the dryness of the mouth and eyes after consuming said strain. However, this could be easily addressed with proper hydration during and after consumption.  As for the dryness of the eyes, a good eye lubricant will remedy this situation easily.


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