best marijuana strain for sleep

God’s gift is a potent sleep inducer putting this body into a deep trance-like serenity. They say that it truly is a “gift” for people with sleep disorders. This strain was very popular in West Coast dispensaries in 2005 due to its dreamy effects. This citrusy grape-flavored strain is a product of cross-breeding Grandaddy Purple and OG kush (which are considered to be 2 of the popular strains for relieving pain in best marijuana strain for sleep. Since This indica dominant strain has a high THC content, it is not recommended for beginners as high THC strains have a tendency to cause panic attacks if users are not used to the potent hit it gives. Its THC content ranges from 15% to 27%.

This Gods Gift strain has dense buds covered with powdery white trichomes. Growing this plant is best indoors as they constantly require a room temperature of 60 to 80 Fahrenheit with relatively low humidity. Flowering usually takes about 8 to 9 weeks.

Often claimed to be one of the more potent strains of marijuana, the God’s gift strain offers a dreamy and peaceful state of mind when used, thus making it one of the best marijuana strain for sleep. 


Complete relaxation is a very appropriate term to describe the effect this strain gives you. This is due to its Indica nature. The urge to go up and about is lost as one is transported to a deeply tranquil state. Thus this is best for times when there are no tasks that await you as there will be none accomplished while this strain is in effect. Better prepare that couch or even the bed for a serene time of wandering.

Additionally, one feels extreme happiness with this strain, making some users giggle profusely, which can overwhelm sometimes. Having an enhanced positive mood makes one feel pleasantly uplifted, making it very difficult to take away that constant smile off your face.

These effects are what Gods Gift a highly sought after marijuana strain. The positive impact it has given a lot of those who tried it usually spread to the word and eventually the demand rises.

Medical Benefits of God’s Gift:

It has been said that insomnia tops the list of medical conditions this medicinal marijuana brings relief. The almost out-of-body experience one feels makes the user want to just sit and calm down altogether sleep. As mentioned earlier, no tasks can be accomplished once this marijuana has been used, all you want to do is happily enjoy the calmness your body feels and eventually fall into a deep, uninhibited sleep. This tranquil state makes Gods Gift one of the best marijuana strains for sleep.

Other mental disorders Gods gift treats are the feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. Same as with insomnia, patients get that undisturbed serenity which makes them forget that they suffer these disorders.


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