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As one of the cannabis plant’s first places of origin, it is easy to see why people would think Pakistan is the place to be for a cannabis adventure. And quite honestly, there are loads of things to be excited about when it comes to the marijuana scene in this place. Because of the ideal weather conditions and ample climate, cannabis plants (particularly the cannabis indica) were first discovered in Pakistan’s mountainous regions and wild forests. As such, the cannabis plant plays a major role in the history of Pakistan. 

We are going to have an in-depth review of the cannabis history in Pakistan as well as give you guys a brief idea of what the marijuana scene is like in the country. This may help serve as a point of reference for those tourists who wish to make a list of the top marijuana destinations that they plan to visit.

CANNABIS 101: History of cannabis in Pakistan

The cannabis plant has been used in this region for thousands of years. The first documented reports of cannabis in Pakistan state that cannabis played a major role in the Hindu religion which was widely followed in this country. Based on these reports, followers of this religion believed that the cannabis plant was one of the Five Sacred Plants and that spiritual entities resided within the leaves of this plant. Additionally, early civilizations made use of the cannabis plant for its ability to be turned into items such as ropes, cloths, and other textile goods. Moreover, cannabis plants were also widely utilized as medicinal treatments for body aches and chronic pains from working all day.

Despite most of the world banning the use of cannabis during the 1930s to the 1970s, Pakistan would go on to mitigate any risk and problems while using the drug in a stable manner. Although the people were using both opium and cannabis commonly during this time, the government in Pakistan still saw it fit to establish certain rules and guidelines regarding the substance. Thus, the Control of Narcotic Substances Act was passed in 1997.

CANNABIS 101: Cannabis scene and laws in Pakistan

Much to the surprise of many people, cannabis distribution, cultivation, and utilization is illegal in Pakistan since the passing of the Control of Narcotic Substances Act. Also, this applies to both the medical and recreational use of marijuana, which means that medical cannabis is also prohibited from being used in this country. People caught breaking these laws are subject to penalties in the form of fines and imprisonment. While special cases and instances may be exempted, the general rule still applies.

However, the actual practice of things is quite relaxed as compared to what is stated in the laws. While you may be punished for possession and utilization of marijuana, law enforcers may choose to ignore this and present you with a warning instead. Also, one thing that the law does not cover is the use of bhang, a Hindu drink used for traditional purposes.

Considering all of this, cannabis in Pakistan may be quite accessible as long as you are careful. Although the law strictly prohibits the cultivation and use of such substances, many people still find ways of getting their hands on some strains. If you have any plans of visiting this country, just make sure to be as discreet and stealthy as possible. You will never know when law enforcers may start implementing such strict rules and regulations.