Buy Cannabis Seeds – Poland

Just like many other countries out there, Poland is currently in the process of trying to figure out the best way to make use of the health benefits offered by marijuana while lowering the risk of substance abuse. In more ways than one, Poland is proving to be far more progressive than other countries in terms of cannabis legalization. However, this does not mean that it is a sure thing to come in the following years. With a lot more things to decide, there really is no telling just when the Polish government decides to fully legalize the use of marijuana. One thing is for sure, though, and that is the fact that the cannabis scene here is alive and well. 

With a history that goes back and forth with the cannabis plant, there are many things to discuss Poland’s cannabis history. Of course, people who plan on visiting this country would want to know a little more about its cannabis laws and regulations. Is cannabis legal in this country? Is weed accessible down there? We have put up this article for those who wish to read a little more about Poland’s unique cannabis industry.


Discovery and early use:

Based on recorded documents regarding the cannabis history in Poland, it would seem as though the cannabis plant found its way into Poland the more natural way. Instead of being shipped and imported into the country as a trading commodity, the cannabis plant naturally grown in Poland’s wild gardens and mountain bases. This occurred many years ago when the cannabis plant was still seen as a harmless plant used for a variety of reasons. The Polish people in the early days made use of the plant for its medicinal properties as well as its richness in fibers. Soon after, it became one of the leading developers and producers of the hemp plant.

A worldwide ban on cannabis:

  As the world slowly realized how marijuana consumption can have negative effects on the body, government officials deemed it necessary to ban the substance and add it to the list of prohibited drugs. The Polish Republic was one of the supporters when the International Opium Convention was held in 1925. During this convention, it agreed that cannabis cultivation and distribution were to be prohibited in Poland. These restrictions caused the production of cannabis and hemp to be undertaken in secret. During the 1951 legislation of the Polish Government, national authorities listed cannabis as a narcotic and deemed it as detrimental to the health. As a result, many bills were passed that were meant to restrict their distribution and cultivation. In 1997, marijuana possession was finally listed as a criminal act, and connections to such resulted in harsh penalties.

Is cannabis legal in Poland? What is it like today? 

Charges and fines:

Up until today, cannabis activities are strictly prohibited in Poland. Doing so could result to a number of consequences. Depending on the degree of your violation, you may end up being charged with a fine or sentenced to do some jail time (roughly around 10 to 15 years). However, there is a sort of gray area in all of this. You see, police in Poland are given the special authority to assess the degree of your cannabis activities. If they believe that you are in possession of an immaterial amount of cannabis, then they can freely choose to drop charges and ignore the said act. However, you must still be careful as not all cops have the same sense of acceptance. 

Current legal stand on cannabis:

During the year 2011, the Polish government reformed the laws restricting the use of cannabis, and ever since then, marijuana policies have seemed a little laxer than before. For many years, supporters and advocates of cannabis have held numerous rallies citing their stand on cannabis legalization. This came to fruition when in 2017, national authorities decided to legalize the medical use of marijuana. Since then, around 1/5 of the Polish population has been exposed to marijuana, making it one of the most popular substances to be used.

While marijuana is often consumed in Poland and the restrictions of its utilization aren’t very strict, the cannabis scene in the country is actually quite small. This has resulted in the push of marijuana legalization to be quite slow. Of course, it is a fairly decent place to visit for its cannabis industry but there is still a long way to go with regards to being a premium marijuana destination.