What is the price of weed in your City?

Marijuana is found all over the world and the laws and price of weed changes daily and sometimes hourly. We have created this website to inform you of the most accurate cost of cannabis in your area. We value your submission to help others and to inform them of the current laws in cities around the world.

Avoiding Newbie Mistakes in Growing Marijuana

Tracing back in history, newbies have already construed a long history and reputation of messing things up. This is perfectly normal because there will...

Common Marijuana Diseases and How to Cure Them

Marijuana diseases are among the most difficult problems that are often faced by marijuana growers. These diseases may even cause huge amounts of damage...

Common Problems of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

It is very important to note that not all types of marijuana strains may thrive well in an outdoor setup. Therefore, your adventure should...

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