smoking marijuana with hookahs

Some marijuana users who have enough money and time to purchase hookah and make their own improvised version of the smoking device always say that smoking marijuana with hookahs is the best experience because the taste of the buds is better even without altering the THC content of the weed as opposed to direct smoking. The THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical content that is responsible for the high effect of the marijuana strain together with its healing effects.

Hookah users enjoy marijuana smoking since the device gives versatility to the marijuana smoking experience. They despise the burnt taste and scent of marijuana buds when they are smoked using the regular method. Myths say that smoking marijuana with hookahs will decrease or eliminate the high or THC level of the plant. This belief is very wrong due to the fact that the water does not dilute the THC of marijuana. The water is transformed as a vapor to help the smoker have a breath of the marijuana that he is about to smoke.

One of the best ways to smoke marijuana from a hookah is through making the water flavored. By saying that the water is flavored, it means that the marijuana smoker may add citrus, mint, juicy, and sweet flavorings to enhance the taste of his marijuana without affecting its high level. This customizability of the hookah can not be found in the traditional way of smoking it. Also, if the flavoring on the water will not please you, one option is to spray the flavoring on the hose itself for another tasty effect.

To enjoy this way of consuming marijuana, of course, you will be needing hookah, ceramic bowl, charcoal, your weed, water, and hose. The first step that you have to do is to fill the glass flask with water. You can add flavoring here or best, a little alcohol. The second step is to put the neck of the pipe into the flask with water. Assure that it is well-sealed to avoid the escape of the vapor. The third is to connect the smoking hose to the neck and the last thing to do is to place the ceramic bowl above wherein the heated charcoal will be put to warm the water and the weed buds. Now smoking weed from a hookah in the best possible way.


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