Different Ways Of Consuming Marijuana

Whether you are a recreational marijuana user or a medical marijuana user, you should explore various ways on how to get the high and effects of the marijuana buds. Enjoying your pot strain’s seeds are not only contained by smoking them. Listed below are some of the different ways on how you can consume the buds of your pot strain.

Regular Smoking

One of the famous way of having the THC potency of your marijuana buds is through smoking. This method of consuming the buds is the most accessible among other techniques since all the smoker needs is a fire. Despite the popularity, smoking the buds directly bring danger to marijuana smoker’s health. Some of its downsides are toxins and carcinogens that can lead to respiratory problems and cancer. To avoid these harmful effects, it is suggested that one must smoke a more potent marijuana strain so that the smoker needs not to inhale much since the effect is taking immediately.
Hookahs (Standard and Pocket)

Smoking the buds of your marijuana strain will not be harmful if the method used is with hookahs. Many say that smoking marijuana with hookah is more healthy as opposed to direct smoking since the smoke being inhaled is not bad for health. Expect an immediate high when smoking marijuana with hookahs because the smoke being inhaled with the smoking device is bigger compared to regular smoking. Users enjoy the smoking with hookahs because of the fact that the taste can be altered with flavorings and there are pocket hookahs that will make their smoking experience discrete.

Believe it or not, the buds of your marijuana strain can be eaten. The effects of edible marijuana will take a longer time to be fully felt by the user but if you are the type who wants to have a body high instead of mind high, chewing the buds is the best method of consuming marijuana. A little reminder, because of the fact that edibles take longer time to have its effect, users tend to over consuming resulting to ingestion. It is best to have moderation and watch the intake of edible marijuana buds.


Medical Marijuana Topicals

If you are the type who just only want to have the healing effects of the marijuana without having any high, the topicals are the best method you can have in consuming the pot strain. Topicals serve as ointments applied to the skin easing muscle strains.


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