Edible Marijuana Directly Consuming The Weed

There are numerous ways of consuming the buds of your marijuana. The most famous way of consuming the bud’s THC is through smoking since it is the most accessible and easiest way of having the full effect of the marijuana strain. For those who have money and time, they use hookahs that come in various compact sizes since they are mobile and discrete. Little do most users know, the buds of marijuana can be taken by the mouth and be digested by the stomach. This mechanism of consuming the bud’s strain is called marijuana edibles.

When directly consuming the strain through edible marijuana method, does it mean that I am going to eat the raw buds of my strain?

Consuming the marijuana through mouth with raw buds is the most common misconception and misinformation about the edible method of having the marijuana. It is important for the consumer to know that chewing and digesting raw marijuana will not deliver therapeutic benefits of the strain, but the euphoric high of the strain can be achieved. Also, it is not advised to directly chew the buds since they are not yet clean.

If directly chewing and consuming the marijuana buds are not allowed, how does the pot buds become edible?

Marijuana edibles are not consumed directly by eating the buds of your strain, instead, the edible pot is made with butters or oil coming from the marijuana. The oils and butters are extracted from the buds and leaves of the pot weed. Marijuana butters are produced by simmering the cannabis’ buds and leaves with butter or vegetable oil for several hours. The simmering and soaking process transfers the THC content of the marijuana and other therapeutic effects of the strain to the oil making the edible product potent. The oil can be infused with cookies, brownies, candies and soup making the edible marijuana discrete.

What are the major disadvantage of using edible marijuana?

The effect of edible marijuana is very much different as opposed to regular smoking and hookah smoking. Consuming the strain through edibles make the effect of the strain comes slower versus the fast and direct consumption with smoking and vaporizing. Edible make the marijuana user experience more body high than head high.

What are the benefits of consuming marijuana with edibles?

One of the major benefits of this way of consuming is that you can infuse the strain with foods making you have flavors while having the THC effects. Also, this method is best for treating body pains since it will give you less mind high, instead, it is focused with the body high.


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