Buy Cannabis Seeds – Greece

  • Throughout the many years since it has existed and been discovered, many people have found ways to make use of the cannabis plant. The use of this wonderful plant dates back to the early years when civilizations made use of hemp for nutritional purposes as well as weaving cloths and other apparel. This especially true in Greece, where hemp and cannabis continue to be a part of its modern-day culture. Greece is one of the countries where hemp and cannabis played a major part in forming its traditions and culture. But does this hold true in today’s scenario? What is the legal status of cannabis in Greece today?

It is safe to say that Greece is slowly taking steps in ensuring the nationwide legalization of weed in its provinces. While it still isn’t entirely legal as of today, that doesn’t mean that people of Greece are not able to reap and enjoy the benefits that marijuana has to give. In this article, we are going to discuss the impact that marijuana had on shaping Greece’s culture as well as the country’s stand on the legalization of cannabis.


Because of the wild environment and sunny climates that flow all throughout Greece, the cannabis plant naturally thrives in this place. As one of the first sources of cannabis plants anywhere on Earth, Greece found itself with an abundant supply of marijuana from the very beginning. Like many other early settlers, the Greeks took advantage of its health benefits and ability to be transformed into other material products. Additionally, it was also used for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle for both animals and people.

However, during the late 1800s, the world started being exposed to the different mind-altering effects of cannabis. Led by the United States, countries slowly began banning the use of such substances and later on classified it as an illegal drug. This greatly affected Greece’s economy as hemp was a normal part of Greece’s markets.


As stated above, Greece is well on its way to becoming a country that fully legalizes marijuana. This is because its citizens have shown continued support and willingness to use marijuana responsibly. The government may very well start implementing laws and policies that benefit the likes of cannabis fans and enthusiasts in the country. 

Recreational cannabis is still illegal in Greece. Ever since the banning of the substance in the early 1900s, the government of Greece has prohibited the use of marijuana for leisure purposes. Up until now, using marijuana for purposes other than medical treatment may cause you to pay a hefty fine and possibly serve jail time. As such, policies regarding recreational use are known to be one of the most stringent in all European countries. However, the sale and purchasing of marijuana seeds are perfectly legal in Greece. Keep in mind, though, that you are not allowed to germinate these seeds in Greece, even for medical strains.

However, medical cannabis is slowly taking a turn towards improvements. Last 2017, a bill was passed that legalized the use of medical marijuana for all kinds of patients. In 2018, the government of Greece also expressed its desire to authorize the cultivation of cannabis seeds to be used strictly for medical purposes.

While Greece is a great source of cannabis due to its natural hot and tropical climate, there is still work to be done with regards to its legalization for recreational purposes. People can always order their marijuana products online so long as they do it secretly and away from the public’s eyes. Keep safe and happy growing!