A lot of you are unfamiliar with the process of germination. And while it is something that is commonly followed by most growers, many others are quite intimidated by the whole process. They might see it as something that risks the potential growth of the cannabis plant. And indeed, destroy your cannabis seeds if it is not done properly. But with the proper guidelines and some practice, germination can really help bring out the best in your cannabis crop. Although cannabis plants do have the ability to grow without manually germinating them, it is always a wise choice to do so. Taking these extra steps can help give you a better and easier marijuana growing experience.

Throughout the years, people have developed different ways in which they can germinate their own cannabis seeds. And while it is good to experiment on your cannabis seeds, there are times when you would want guaranteed success when germinating your weed seeds. In this article, we will show you guys two different ways on how to germinate the marijuana seeds. They are very easy to do and require minimal effort. What’s more, they have very high success rates based on the reviews of customers so you will not need to worry about failing. Here’s how:




  • Cannabis seeds of your choosing (Take note: this method works with any type of cannabis seed)
  • Paper Towels (Thick and wide)
  • Clean water (Room temperature)
  • Cup
  • Dinner plate


STEP 1: Fill up the cup with clean water. Next, place the seeds inside the cup and soak them into the water. As the seeds start to absorb the water into the cracks, they will slowly gain weight and sink to the bottom. After around 15 to 18 hours, take them out.

STEP 2: Place your dinner plate in a stable area. Afterward, take around 3 sheets of paper towels and situate them on top of the dinner plate.

STEP 3: Pour the water and seeds onto the dinner plate with paper towels on it. This allows the seeds to constantly be moisturized while germinating. Pour off any excess water so that the seeds do not drown. Afterward, cover the seeds by folding the paper towels over it. It is important at this stage of the process that the seeds are exposed to warmth, moisture, and darkness. 

STEP 4: When you are done with the previous step, take the plate and place it somewhere there is minimal light. Choose a place that is warm and preferably dark. Also, the area must have sufficient air circulation. Avoid tight spaces where the seeds might suffocate. Regularly check on the paper towels so that they do not dry up. Carefully water them from time to time. 

STEP 5: The next step is to simply wait. After about a week, you will notice cracks on your seeds. From these cracks, tiny taproots will begin to emerge. Do not plant them just yet! Wait until they reach about 1.5cm tall. Once they reach this height, you can now plant them into the growing medium and proceed with the cultivation process.


Compared to the paper towel method, this one is much simpler and easy to do. The only things you will need are your cannabis seeds and the right growing area. You can do this in the soil of your own backyard or in a flower pot filled with rich soil. All you have to do is literally dig a hole that is around 1.5 to 2 inches deep. Place your seeds into the hole and cover-up. Now comes the only part that you need to pay close attention to. Water the area where your cannabis seeds are located. Afterward, place a heating pad or LED light on top of the area to make sure the cannabis seeds get the right amount of warmth. After around 2 to 4 days, the tiny taproots will begin to emerge. 

This method is famous for making cannabis seeds quickly adapt to their growing environments. Additionally, all you need to do is occasionally monitor the moisture of the soil and the heat being emitted from the source. 

Do not be afraid of manually germinating your own cannabis seeds. If done correctly, there is a huge chance for your cannabis seeds to reach their maximum potential in terms of yields and THC content.