Buy Cannabis Seeds – Germany

Germany is known for its lively festivals and unlimited amounts of beer and alcohol. And what better commodity to pair that with than marijuana, right? Germany’s party scene makes for a great place to get high and chill with some friends on a holiday vacation. But one question must still be answered before deciding all this: Is cannabis legal in Germany? 

There is a great deal to talk about when it comes to Germany and cannabis. While it has followed other countries in banning marijuana as a prohibited drug, many of its citizens feel that it should be legalized across the country or at least decriminalized. With a series of events and the support of many of its citizens, Germany looks to be on its way as a place that could potentially be a marijuana haven in the following years to come. Let’s go ahead and dive a little more into the details of the marijuana industry in Germany.


Surprisingly, recreational cannabis is not allowed in Germany. With so many supporters and advocates of marijuana, you would expect that the use and consumption of such would be legal by now. However, this is not the case. The government and national authorities in Germany agreed to place all cannabis-related activities under the authority of the Federal Institution for Drugs and Medical Devices. As a result, they placed the drug under extremely strict protocol and restricted even the use of medical cannabis to some extent. 

However, last 2017 this changed as medical cannabis became more liberalized with the passing of the Narcotics Act. Under this law, patients were able to make use of medical cannabis with more fluidity and ease. This meant that psychiatrists were now able to freely prescribe medical cannabis to any patient who they deemed needed it. Although it was still technically illegal, the use of medical cannabis because so common that authorities deemed it unnecessary to penalize and arrest people who were in possession of small amounts of marijuana. However, the public use and sale of such drugs are still prohibited.


There have been many marijuana advocates that have expressed their public support of the legalization of marijuana in Germany. In fact, in a conducted survey, almost ¾ of the country’s population expressed their desire to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Of this amount, almost half of them decided it would be best to legalize the use of marijuana entirely. 

There are many marijuana shops that make use of hemp in their products. It is quite common to find food dishes that contain hemp seeds because of the natural nutrients and minerals found in the plant.

As far as events are concerned, there are also some that are held to show continued support to the legalization of marijuana. Things such as the Hemp Parade and the Global Marijuana March are yearly happenings that take place in Germany as a way to show the people’s support of the legalization of the substance. Additionally, there is also a museum in Berlin dedicated to hemp and other marijuana products.


Medical marijuana, as stated above, is now easily accessible in some parts of Germany. With the proper prescription from the right psychiatrist, patients who are seeking medical cannabis can now acquire it through local pharmacies and other drug outlets. 

However, recreational marijuana may prove to be quite a bit of a challenge. Since it is still entirely banned from being used publicly, marijuana for leisure should be acquired in places that are more discreet. Places such as the underground market are sure to be filled with secret stashes of marijuana. However, keep in mind that these are unregistered marijuana dealers so know the risks and rewards first before purchasing weed seeds from here.

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With the steady development of Germany’s cannabis industry, it is easy to imagine it being a great source of marijuana seeds in the future. It is still quite possible to enjoy a cannabis vacation in this country. But just be sure to familiarize yourself with the different rules and regulations that govern cannabis in Germany. This can help you stay out of trouble while enjoying yourself in this amazing country.