Buy Cannabis Seeds – The Netherlands

As one of the most prominent destinations for marijuana activity, the Netherlands is undoubtedly one of the places people should be visiting if they are looking to get high. With a history that intertwines itself with cannabis and stretches out until today’s world, the Netherlands is the most famous place to get marijuana seeds from. One place, in particular, stands out from the rest and that is Amsterdam. For many years, Amsterdam has been dubbed as the “Marijuana Capital” of the world. Some people even call it Disneyland for college kids. But while all of this may be true, there is much to learn about the cannabis industry in the Netherlands as a whole.

If you plan on knowing the history and policies of cannabis that take place in the Netherlands, then you have come to the right place! We offer a simple guide for people who plan on visiting the Netherlands for a rich cannabis experience. Read on!


Amsterdam in particular has always been associated with marijuana. It has always been known to be particularly open to other legal substances. In fact, it is quite important to know that the Netherlands was the very first country to ever decriminalize marijuana. You see, during the year 1915, the Netherlands was one of the countries to prohibit the use and production of cannabis. As this was something that the majority of the countries around the world were doing, the Netherlands had no choice but to comply. 

But as the years passed, the nation found itself dealing with a much more severe problem that had to do with other harder substances and drugs than cannabis. Thus, in the year 1976, the Netherlands reformed its Narcotics Act bill and had cannabis separated from other hard drugs. This resulted in softer policies governing the use of cannabis and it has since been the most used substance anywhere in the Netherlands. 


Ever since its decriminalization in 1976, recreational use for cannabis was always available in the country. Additionally, it is commonly distributed anywhere. You can find many cannabis products in coffee shops, stores, pharmacies, and local weed dispensaries. Since it is legal to buy and sell cannabis in the Netherlands, people are often seen consuming the substance in public. Of course, businesses and dealers that offer marijuana products must be fully licensed and permitted in order to operate their businesses. Recreational use in the Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, is very possible and it is no secret that people here enjoy it. 

Furthermore, many of the most reputable marijuana seed banks are situated in the Netherlands. However, some of these seed banks may not offer what you are looking for so ordering weed seeds from online marijuana seed banks such as Crop King Seeds, SunWest Genetics, MJ Seeds Canada, and Sonoma Seeds are all great choices. 

Because recreational use is very common here, it comes as no surprise that medical marijuana is also a highly sought after treatment for various illnesses. These can all be acquired through official pharmacies with the proper prescriptions.


While it may seem very lax to consume recreational marijuana in the Netherlands, keep in mind that there are also many rules and policies that citizens must adhere to. Technically, marijuana is still illegal but it is more common than not for law enforcers to tolerate such activities. You should still be of legal age in order to buy and consume marijuana in the Netherlands. Additionally, possession of such can result in hefty fines depending on the amount that you are carrying. While many establishments offer marijuana products, they cannot sell these in an unlimited amount. The usual limit that they can distribute to customers is 5 grams. 

For tourists, it is important to know that certain places in the Netherlands will not allow the sale of cannabis to outsiders unless they have a permit for such. So in order to avoid any problems acquiring weed, check out the different guidelines for each province.