Different Types Of Hookahs That Are Perfect For Marijuana Smoking

Smoking marijuana buds can be more fun and more exciting when you have different medium of using it. There are marijuana smoking devices that come in cheap prices, there are some that come expensively, there are some that ca n be done privately or with friends, and there are some that are home made. Listed below are some of the different types of hookahs that are perfect for marijuana smoking.

Pocket Hookahs

Never underestimate the service that these pocket hookahs can provide. Pocket hookahs are almost similar with the traditional hookahs when it comes to effective and discrete smoking.  TPocket hookahs are intact, making them contained and easy to put in any marijuana smoker’s pocket.he pocket hookahs have  water container, small bowls made from ceramic, one piece aluminum foil for each hookahs, and tongs and an expandable hose. The charcoal container can handle up to twenty-two millimeters and comes in various designs that can match your personality. Pocket hookahs are the best when you are a sort of traveler smoker since you can bring them anywhere and anytime. You can now smoke your marijuana in a public space and where people can just see you as normal. Pocket hookahs are mobile making it to adjust to your time of needs when you have to smoke.

Homemade Hookahs

For those marijuana users who are in a tight budget, but want to use hookahs as their smoking device, there is no need to worry since there are homemade ideas that comes in cheap prices for the creation of hookahs. The common types of do-your-own hookahs are usually made from plastic bottles and glass bottles. When assembling the homemade hookahs, it is best if you follow the instructions clearly and eagerly since you do not waste the effort and time you exerted for the creation of your own hookah.Hookah Pens

Do not be deceived by its small  and compact look since this marijuana smoking device is as efficient as the pocket hookahs. The only difference is that these pens are longer yet thinner. Hookah pens are one of the modern inventions of discrete marijuana smoking because the heat that cause the burning is charged by electricity. Meaning, there is no need for real charcoal to use a hookah.

Regular Hookahs

When you are not saving and do not mind the mobility of the smoking device, the regular and traditional hookahs are perfect for you since its comes with classic glass flask and marijuana smoking can be done with group of friends.


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