how to prune cannabis plants

It has been a longstanding debate among cannabis plant growers about whether or not the voluntary pruning of the cannabis plant would give rise to more pros rather than cons. While many believe that it is essential for marijuana growers to prune their plants in order to get the maximum yield during harvests, there are many others who would rather leave the plant on its own to grow without much intervention from the grower’s hands. Of course, everybody has their own opinions about how to correctly grow their marijuana plants. Here, we discuss the different pros and cons of pruning your marijuana plant as well as provide you with a general overview of what to remember when pruning your plants. Learn how to prune cannabis plants.

So what exactly is pruning and how does it affect the marijuana plant’s eventual growth? Put simply, pruning is a horticultural activity that involves cutting away or trimming any dead and eyesore branches from your plant. This is generally done to maintain structure for landscapes and reduce overgrowth to promote the healthy growth of plants. In the case of cannabis plants, these benefits are also considered but there is much more to just the looks of your cannabis beauty. 


Perhaps the most common reason for pruning your marijuana plants is to achieve a higher yield. Pruning has been known to be the easiest way to achieve this. Now, a yield is basically a measure of success in the marijuana industry. The higher the yield, the more plants your produce which translates to a higher success rate in your marijuana garden. Pruning is a way of keeping your cannabis plants clean and proper. A tidy environment for your cannabis plant to grow in is essential to ensure your plant gives out the highest quality of buds when harvest time comes around. Cutting off any branches and overgrown parts of your cannabis plant that does not get enough sunlight and nutrition may seem like a waste of buds, but it is actually much healthier for your plant because it avoids any diseases that dead leaves may carry. Additionally, pruning may also guarantee an even growth with your marijuana plant. This helps the grower monitor the plant properly and decide when it is ready for harvest. Although it may be natural to think that marijuana plants are best when left alone to grow by themselves, correctly executed pruning may give a safe boost of quality to your weed.

How to Prune Cannabis Plants?

There are many advanced ways and methods to prune your marijuana plant but here are some things that are worth remembering regardless of the method you choose. Pruning works best if you use garden clippers or grass cutters instead of normal, everyday scissors. This would seem like an obvious choice but you would not believe the number of people who have failed at pruning because of their lack of tools. First, you can always start by removing big branches. Not only does this give more space for the marijuana plant to grow, but it also clears the way for the leaves inside to receive sunlight. Second, the middle branches that lack sunlight exposure may seem a lot more yellow and weaker than the branches found on top. These branches usually produce low-quality buds so it’s best to cut them off as well. Lastly, you start working your way with the leaves and dried-up buds. Look for any dead and out of place leaves to cut off. This reduces the risk of the plant gaining any diseases as well as removing anything that does not seem high quality.

Deciding to prune your plant is ultimately your own choice. Whether you believe it is beneficial for your plant or not is up to you. Just remember, the best buds only grow if you put enough effort and time into it.


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