ak 47 marijuana strain

The child of dual landraces, the AK 47 marijuana strain is as similar to nature as it comes. This powerful weed provides the strong genes of its wild lineage, demonstrating the unrelenting strength of cannabis that resides in an unregulated, uncontaminated form. Because of its biology, AK47 has a cannabinoid background of unparalleled dimensions, promising violent results that can pin any veteran to his cap. Tasty and fragrant, the AK47 marijuana strain puts with each other every smell and taste possible, involving the perceptions in a whole body encounter that will help you neglect any other strain you’ve tasted. And with its powerful effects, it’s no surprise how AK47 succeeded to wiggle its path into the marijuana hall of fame. Apart from its name, AK-47 is a mellow, though strong, sativa-dominant strain, which can be characterized as gentle instead of aggressive. A mixture of many strains, this one arrives highly adorned with honors, and has gained its status as a leading choice.

Origins of the AK 47 Marijuana Strain

AK47 is what most would term a classic, conveying the taste and results of the herb varieties that appeared on the market back in the 1970s. Today numerous crosses among distinct Cannabis phenotypes also made it possible to produce a wide variety of flavors and scents. But back then all the public had to go on was the range of available landraces that were naturally produced marijuana varieties that were spread around various places. The cannabis strain AK47 blends two separate breeds of cannabis, the first being South American. This sativa herb activates the classical effects of energy and alertness. Almost all of it works on attitude and temperament, seeking to support you maintain a feeling of excitement and comfort of treatment, which can give even the toughest days a cause to laugh. Another sativa, this landrace brandishes a delightful fruity floral taste and aroma that enables it particularly appealing for those searching for an enticing sensory experience. Uplifting the machine with a burst of energy, this landrace gives you a sense of efficiency and inspiration, and may even spark your personal impulses.

Appearance and Aroma

The AK47 strain is contained in large nugs that look as simple as other cannabis strains from the young times of the plant. The deep colored nugs mix a variety of green hues, making them look as though they were selected up from the floor of a rainforest canopy. Their bright orange tendrils produce an extensive array of roiling hairs that add both complexity and comparison to each big nug. Most inexperienced buyers can find the AK47’s general bag appeal short, particularly considering strains such as Rainbow or Blueberry that can look particularly bright and clear alongside the AK47’s monotonous green nugs. And even then the strain has a different card – its scent.Rich in the aroma of sour herbs and moist soil, the AK47 strain produces a nose full of a heavy aroma that is far more appealing than we can explain. Powerful flower undertones give a touch of contrast, but make itself more closely known throughout the smoke encounter.

Effects and Experience

The very first hit creates a smoke rich in fuel taste, likely forcing a low-tolerance marijuana head to open the pipe and call it quits. But have some perseverance, and you’ll notice that however much you drag, the more the taste develops. Two or three puffs in and the aroma of chamomile and lemon flow through to the smoke, gliding smoothly down your throat in a symphony of flavor. Towards the end of the tail, the sharp flavor of the flowers and the tropical fruits is softly swaying over your sense of taste, just enough to be felt by a sharp tongue. The effect of AK47 doesn’t take a long time to reach your system. 

It begins with a twitching that lifts the mind and body to a state of regulated elation. And as pleasant hormones surge across your bloodstream, they alleviate any pain and unpleasantness that could take hold of your body. The pinnacle of awareness is a vibrant, cheerful attitude free from the throes of everyday suffering and physical pain. With the enhanced feeling of calm, you even get a taste of the heightened need for social interaction. That said, AK47 can be a good choice if you’re going to see a group of people you may not be too excited about.

Grow Info for AK-47 Marijuana Strain

Most will agree that AK-47 marijuana is relatively easy to cultivate. Those who are total novice can try to plant this seed, but the method is not without difficulties, as AK-47 is very vulnerable to mold. If you are contemplating cultivating AK-47 cannabis outdoors, it should be informed that crops can usually thrive and develop only in a hot and sunny environment where the relative humidity is more dry. Further, ensuring this cannabis strain away from any resentful neighbors is important, as the scent that absorbs is smelly and pungent. The flowering season of AK-47 is generally very short, usually only around 7-9 weeks. For outdoor crops, harvest season is the end of October, and yields will prove to also be excellent if the crops are grown well. Usually, indoor yields are about 14 ounces per square meter. AK-47 can be a satisfying and gorgeous addition to anyone’s weed garden, as it will give you some brilliant, super-powerful gems.

Medical Benefits of AK-47 Marijuana

The medicinal effects of AK-47 cannabis are usually very positive, since it is a strain of marijuana that has provided a great deal of relaxation to people who suffer from a variety of diseases and conditions. Those with psychological problems – including those with mental illnesses, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and exhaustion – will find that this tough strain will typically have therapeutic effects.

Although these persons ought to be vigilant when using any high-THC marijuana, as mental illnesses can rise the likelihood of marijuana induced paranoia, stress and anxiety. This is better avoided by setting borders and keeping to those boundaries. Actual discomfort and sickness can also be treated by AK-47, including severe pain, nausea, exhaustion, loss of appetite and migraine. And for those with serious health problems, AK-47 can help to reduce the pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy and other medications. Overall, the AK-47 marijuana strain is capable of helping people who have a wide variety of medical challenges.

Adverse Reaction

Luckily, for those who enjoy or are extremely inspired to try AK-47, this heavy marijuana strain has few harmful side effects – apart from those that are normally expected when they smoke cannabis. The most commonly experienced negative impacts are for example, cottonmouth such as drying of mouth and dry eyes – all of which could be easily handled with a little additional planning and coordination. 

The worst potential harmful outcomes of marijuana have not been seen with AK-47. As such, those who consume this strain likely won’t have to worry about being paranoiatic, lightheaded, or anxious.

AK-47 Marijuana: Mind and Body Effects

The results of AK-47 cannabis can best be characterized as uplifting, providing a solution to stress and anxiety that seldom proves to be debilitating to the mind and body. The pressure also encourages creative types to concentrate on and deepen their art, in addition to providing a safe environment to fully let go and let creativity fascinate them. And of course, the AK-47 weed pairs eloquently with some lovely tunes after a hard working day when it’s time to completely relax and enjoy. 

The high AK-47 buzz will last about a long time relative to other hybrid cannabis strains. This is also a strain which is worthy of profoundly calming both the minds and bodies in terms that most sativa-dominant strains cannot do.In addition, it helps to place its users in a gentle state, where they can feel inspiration to achieve their day-to-day objectives. Unlike some other high-THC sativas, one appears to energize into efficiency instead of stressing the mind to the extent of needless anxiety

In conclusion, AK47 is an all-rounder that fits well with all types of companies. Its taste may not be the simplest to absorb, particularly within the first few drags. But if a beginner is able to take a hit, a symphony of tropical notes awaits their ready sense of taste. The results of the AK47 can also be easily tolerated by practically any form of consumer for any amount of expertise. If you are a person struggling with depression, panic, anxiety, severe pain, exhaustion, or discomfort and looking for an alternative approach of relief, an elevated AK-47 strain may be the best flower to try. It is generally available in many of the top shelf pharmacies, and is reasonably easy to find on either the west or the east coast. We glad you liked reading this summary of the AK-47 strain, and that you find it not only enjoyable, but also informative and insightful.


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