durban poison marijuana strain

This South African terrestrial strain can be called Durban Poison marijuana strain, but fortunately, it is non-toxic. It also has a beautiful taste-with hint of vanilla, spices, and cream. The Durban Poison strain takes us back to the time, coming from a long line of African sativas, making it one of the purest, most muscular, most strains on the market. Someone in a lab didn’t produce authentic Durban Poison or was mistakenly thrown along. Instead, this strain’s ancestor once developed widely in the windswept plains of current South Africa, making it effectively an heirloom form of cannabis.  Undoubtedly, the Durban Poison marijuana strain proves that cannabis does not need a great deal of brilliance or gene breeding in addition to claim ethereal impacts; if you ever have the opportunity to get to know a true-to-shape Durban, you will recognize that this strain is one of the most pleasurable – and therapeutic – highs known to man. Simply put, Durban Poison Marijuana is an iconic, classic piece. With just a couple of other strains sustaining their genetic heritage over time, ancient marijuana can even be considered.

What Is Durban Poison Cannabis?

There are few concerns about this magnificent reefer’s roots, and the truth remains that Durban Poison is ancient world cannabis. And although its genes have been corrupted with numerous cross-breeding trends through the years. There are many reasons why we are all fascinated with Durban Poison weed. Some love its simplicity and transparency, whereas others love it because of its ancient history and historical origins. This is a highly medicinal strain of marijuana that is an essential flower for patients dealing with several illnesses, symptoms, and conditions. 

In terms of THC content, the lab tests have also shown that Durban Poison has regularly tested around the 17-26% range, which is quite unreal given that this has not been bred or scientifically sorted in any way. There’s no way you’re not going to be able to feel Durban Poison’s impact with just a few hits. In the past, Durban Poison has become insanely common in places like Holland, where some strains can complete their growth period outdoors – even in a cold environment. This, of course, is not the rule for a sativa, which is possibly why it has become such a favored strain here in the polar regions. Today, Durban Poison is loved worldwide by medicinal, leisure, smokers, OG tokers, and everything else in between. Find anyone out there who has something wrong to say about the heirloom of Durban Poison, and we’re going to show you a true-to-shape.

Appearance and Aroma of Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison is so pure – and its display sheds light on how similar the strain is to the wild. Wonderful, chunky nugs shine and shimmer with the trichomes’ solidified attraction that coats the leafy bud’s entire surface. A small white hair projection from every surface of the sample, giving it a fuzzy look that adds character and creativity to its eye-popping presence.Although it might look highly enticing on the outside of the bag, breaking the free pack releases a seductive scent of sticky, pleasant fruit. Hints of mint and spices add spice to the wafting rhythm of herbal goodness, making the olfactories come alive with a fragrance that is nothing short of divine.

Experience and Effects of Durban Poison Strain

The Durban Poison strain produces thick, puffy plumes of smoke that scratch the throat and create a thin layer across the mouth’s mouth’s soft tissues. The woody, natural flavor of marijuana could be extremely daunting at first, as the haze coats your mouth with its dense, grassy flavor. But when you get past that stage, the cultivar has a much more fruity taste with the tangy acidity of the citrus’ front and middle. The hints of mint, spices, and pepper echo softly in the background, producing a vibrant taste that is just as lively as the bud’s effects. And at the end, a twang of fuel sucker hits you in the back of your mouth, rounding off your whole experience with a wide range of flavors. In terms of the symptoms of the strain, Durban Poison is no less complex. The sensational feeling first contrasts in your mind, wiping away the mental clutter to lay the groundwork for sharp focus and clarity. As your mind is reorganized for efficiency, the rest of the body encounters a heavy, tingly vibration that passes throughout your backbone, arms and hands, leaving you a sensation of bursting potential just begging to be let out. The results are clinically effective, and they’ve been going on for quite a while. Imaginative and focused, the Durban Poison strain is valued by marijuana enthusiasts for its lucid results that do not intoxicate or overwhelm the system. With zero sign of couch lock, this cultivar leaves you entirely in control, alert, and ready so that you can go about your day with that energy boost of strength.

Adverse Reaction of Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison is a potent sativa, so it might not be the safest strain to smoke before a family party. This is, of course, if you think that uncontrollable laughter is a side-effect. As standard, a sensation of cotton-mouth will occur with the drying of eyes and a feeling of dehydration. Apart from these results, Durban Poison can sometimes leave you feeling a little nervous and suspicious, which may also result in a mild headache.

Durban Poison Grow Info

Durban Poison can be incredibly high when grown outdoors, rendering it a strain that needs an enormous quantity of space. Because of its large amount, only those who might risk the plant being seen by everyone around them could try to develop it outdoors. There are unique variants of Durban Poison with a short flowering stage, but these varieties are not the true heirloom of DP. All in all, Durban Poison is indeed better grown indoor settings, assuming adequate lighting cycles, nutrients, and care are provided to crops. It’s not an incredibly difficult marijuana strain to cultivate, but as with any theme, if you want to produce a top-quality product, you’re going to have to get the job done. Studies have shown that even the most efficient indoor form of growing Durban Poison is using hydroponics.

Still, then again, if you try to do something that is too out-of-the-ordinary based on nutrient supplementation, etc., you risk interfering with pure terrestrial genetics. Grown outdoors, harvesting generally occurs between mid-September and mid-October, so if growing out, schedule your schedule appropriately. You can anticipate about a sixteen-ounce yield per plant from the well-cultivated Durban Poison Herb when grown outdoors or about thirteen-ounce work per square meter when grown indoors.

Durban Poison is a good choice for anyone trying to produce only one plant since it is relatively easy to cultivate and its yield is fair. Also, DP appears to be very resistant to mold, bugs, and other pests, which renders a real warrior strain. And last but not least, the high is quite multi-dimensional and fun for most daytime and nighttime activities, creating it a great drug always to have – no matter what illness or a medical condition you’re trying to manage.

Medical Benefits of Durban Poison

The CBD amount of Durban Poison is usually one percent or less, so this plant is not known to be suitable for the aid of severe medical conditions – at least not for those that are resistant to being stoned.
Instead, Durban Poison’s high THC level is excellent in eliminating any physical or mental pain you may feel from various chronic conditions or mental disorders. Many who are constantly striving, anxious, and stress will benefit significantly from Durban Poison’s therapeutic ability to relieve tension in an overactive or heavily activated mind. If your effects are mainly psychological, the safest way to ingest Durban Poison is to smoke or drink a healthy dose of the strain – one you realize is easily within your cannabis consumption limits. Over-consuming pot of any variety when coping with a severe mental illness can increase anxiety or even raise anxiety symptoms rates, causing you to feel worse off and much more anxious.

In conclusion, the Durban Poison strain is flexible and balanced, making it an outstanding piece for a wide range of needs and desires. A lucid process happens when newcomers will appreciate their effect without fear of exhaustion, sleep lock, or tiredness. Highly intellectual and unbelievably cognitive, the pressure results pave the way for intense stimulation of razors that enhances performance so you can get stuff done. So, whether that’s a busy day or a whole night, the cultivar makes a great option. Authentic Durban is genuinely one of the world’s finest landrace sativas, but as we said earlier, it’s not simple to find a 100% true heirloom variety. Even in some of the more respectable western coast dispensaries, it is hard to find Durban Poison marijuana strain for purchase that has not been interfered with, changed in hydroponic systems, or cross-breeded with yet another “pure” sativa. However, it’s encouraging to remember that strains like Durban Poison still function.



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