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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD for short is a certain disorder associated with the behavior. It is usually characterized by inattentiveness and hyperactivity. Mostly, this condition is diagnosed at an early age, between ages 6 to 12 years old, however, this could carry on until the maturity of the person. Usually, a person with ADHD would do something then in the middle of performing a certain task, they suddenly focus their attention on something else. Technically, there are best medical marijuana strains that help patients focus more and be more attentive to things, boosting energy to center their attention on something.

The primary option for treating children with ADHD is usually therapy. Therapy for this disorder teaches the development of social interaction and the social behavior that goes with it. Therapy is usually done in a one-on-one setting where the patient’s attention issues and hyperactivity are addressed. Parents are urged to replicate the therapy sessions at home as well.

Stimulants are also used as a second option to treat attention disorders and hyperactivity. These medical stimulants try to balance the levels of brain chemicals of the patient so their attention span to things is longer.

Although there has been no medical research done on the medicinal effects it has on offering a cure for ADHD, some strains possess attributes that may temporarily increase a patient’s focus on a task at hand. here are some of these strains:

Top Best Medical Marijuana Strains

  1. Cinex

This sweet citrusy and earthy aroma gets users’ moods elevated and focused and inspired. Thus making this strain great for productivity. This strain has a balance of Sativa and Indica which boosts the impulse of the user to think creatively. The elevated mood brought about by Cinex is accompanied by some feeling of light relaxation and calm. Not a weed to keep someone heavily sedated, its light hit brings out that focused attention to things and ideas that populate your mind. Its THC level of 15% to 25% makes one feel at ease with the user’s surroundings.

2. Sour Diesel

A very popular strain, Sour Diesel, also called Sour D gives both the head high associated with Sativa and the physical relaxation from Indica. This strain elevates the user’s mood and helps them focus without the urge to couch-locked. This is a potent weed with a THC content of approximately 20% to 25%. It is a widely popular choice for treating psychological disorders. This Sativa dominant strain brings out a creative and ecstatic feeling making it an option for ADHD treatment. The physical relaxation is due to the stimulation of synaptic activities in our brain. This means that constant thoughts flow through the brain, thus eliminating the potential of a couch-lock.

3. Blue Dream

This Sativa dominant strain has a THC content of 20%. The Blue Dream strain has very good stimulant effects which most medical restoratives possess.

it could mimic the stimulus provided by amphetamines. It helps increase the user’s capability to pay attention and focus on any given activity. Its immediate effect is a sudden boost in energy making one focus on creative ideas. This effect is great in countering the short attention span suffered by ADHD patients. This eventually wanes into a more relaxing calm which counteracts the hypertensive disorders persistent in ADHD sufferers.


This low THC, high CBD strain is renowned for its medicinal uses. Since the cannabis market is flooded with high THC content strains, this strain is the other way around. it does not give the feeling of intoxication. ACDC is the strain of choice by most medical patients suffering from ADHD. Among ADHD patients, ACDC is the preferred strain because of the ability to heighten focus. Users claim to be uplifted and focused when using this weed. This effect ensures that the patient could go on with their task at hand.  Once consumed, the user can be assured that little or no psychoactive effects will take play and instead feel calm thus addressing the hyperactive symptoms that go with suffering from ADHD.

5. Green Crack

The Green Crack Strain has a high THC content of 25% and it gives the user that perfect “wake up high”. It promotes a jolt in energy and focuses which keeps the user “on the go” all throughout the day. Sometimes known as Cush, this was renamed by the rapper Snoop Dog when he first tried it. This strain is known to reduce the patient’s lack of focus caused by ADHD. The high it promotes makes the user conducive to concentrate on work and daily chores, this is because of its low Indica content. Harnessing one’s creative juices is further enhanced by this strain. This strain is one of the best medical marijuana strains.


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