green crack marijuana strain

As intimidating as its name sounds, the Green Crack marijuana strain is far from being a nightmare for cannabis smokers out there. This Sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid has “classic” written all over it as it continues to light up the marijuana world. For many years, the Green Crack marijuana strain has been a staple for celebrities and cannabis connoisseurs all around the world. Because of the delightful combination of sweetness and spice, the Green Crack marijuana strain has often been called one of the most flavor-packed strains in the market today.

With a rich cannabis history and a background worth taking note of, the Green Crack marijuana strain is definitely a legend in its own right. Anyone who wishes to make use of this classic marijuana strain will surely get their money’s worth. 


Originally named “Cush”, this marijuana strain was later dubbed the “Green Crack” by award-winning rapper Snoop Dogg. After sampling the intense taste and effects that it had to offer, Snoop described the strain as giving off more of a “Green Crack” vibe, hence the name. However, many people still refer to it as the original “Cush” due to the simplicity of it. Whatever you do choose to call it, there is no debating that Green Crack is one heck of a strain.

Hailing from the lush cannabis gardens of Athens, the Green Crack marijuana strain was first developed in the early 1970s by crossbreeding the original Skunk strain with some pure Afghani landrace genetics. From there, it was brought to the United States by various seed breeders in order to be commercially cultivated and developed. It was able to win a handful of awards and prizes during its peak, including being listed among the Top 3 Best Sativa Strains during the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup event.


The Green Crack marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that consists of around 60% Sativa and 40% indica. The strong Sativa influences have paved the way for Green Crack to becoming one of the most premium Sativas ever developed in the history of cannabis. Like both its parent strains, the Green Crack marijuana strain is an extremely durable plant that is capable of resisting molds and infections. As long as it is grown in areas with warm and sunny climates, the Green Crack marijuana strain will easily develop in both indoor and outdoor setups.

Whatever indica influences the Green Crack marijuana strain contains can mostly be observed through its plant structure. It grows into a relatively short plant, often reaching up to 6 feet in height. This makes it a great choice for novice growers who have limited spaces for growing. The dark green leaves are closely strewn together, giving the plant a very bushy and congested appearance. Likewise, the marijuana buds that the Green Crack strain produces a display of strong indica influences. They are very dense and compact, often feeling slightly heavier than your typical Sativa buds. Green Crack isn’t the most generous strain when it comes to yields. A rough estimate of 300 to 350 grams per square meter is just about right. It will take around eight to nine weeks for the Green Crack marijuana buds to fully blossom and flower. Growers can expect to harvest their cannabis buds around mid to late October. 


Medical Value: Despite the slightly low CBD level of this strain, Green Crack is a very reliable choice when it comes to medical value. As a very uplifting and energizing strain, users can opt for Green Crack in order to battle symptoms of anxiety and depression. People suffering from PTSD, ADHD, and other mental illnesses will find this strain to be very therapeutic to the mind. Any negative feelings that are burdening you are quickly replaced with a rushing sense of happiness and positivity. 

While it doesn’t offer the strongest physical buzz, Green Crack still does a respectable job in alleviating any muscle spasms and body aches that you may be feeling. It helps soothe your muscles and prevents any inflammation in your joints.

Recreational Effects: Anyone who enjoys an uplifting and euphoric experience when smoking weed will definitely find Green Crack to be an absolute treat. The cerebral and energizing high that you get after a few minutes into smoking this strain is truly legendary. Normal and everyday activities that you typically engage in will suddenly feel a lot more interesting. You will be swept over by a wave of positivity that brings out the best version of yourself. Green Crack is known to increase your creativity as well. You will find a lot of motivation and inspiration for doing things while under the influence of this strain. Additionally, your productivity will skyrocket itself through the roof as the Green Crack will do little to stop you from going about your daily routine. 

The sharp citrus flavors of the Green Crack marijuana strain mix brilliantly with the earthiness that it imparts. Subtle notes of spice and fruits will also coat your palette, giving you a very unique array of flavors that cannot be found anywhere else.

Green Crack is definitely a go-to strain for people who enjoy lighting up a joint to start the day. With the ability to sharpen your senses and give you a renewed sense of urgency, this strain will see to it that you get your work done. It is an amazing strain that will leave no heavy feelings afterward. We do not recommend smoking this strain during the night as it may lead to sleeplessness. 

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