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There are a lot of cannabis strains out there that carry a certain degree of fame and reputation with their names. Regardless of you being an avid marijuana smoker or not, there are just some classic marijuana strain names that ring a bell when you hear. These are the most famous and well-known strains around the world and for good reason. 

Many times, cannabis smokers would love to just experiment and try out new and different marijuana strains. However, there are always certain go-to marijuana strains that give off a different vibe from the rest. Additionally, you don’t even have to smoke weed in order to have heard of these strains! If you live in places such as the West Coast, Canada, or even Amsterdam, then their strains are probably staples in your area. Here is our list of the Top Ten Most Famous Marijuana Strains:


Seriously, though. Who hasn’t heard of OG Kush? Even people outside of the cannabis community are well aware of the reputation and fame that this marijuana strain carries. First bred in under the tropical days of the Californian Sun, OG Kush is a staple in every Los Angeles cannabis garden. Having been able to take home numerous awards in its lifetime, this hard-hitting champion is no stranger to the spotlight. It is a Sativa-dominant strain like most of the Kush family members. However, the genotype is quite balanced between the two species. As such, it is able to induce a very relaxing high that doesn’t hold back with euphoric feelings as well. THC for the OG Kush measures around 20% to 25% on average. 


As one of the purest and most delicate landraces strains out there, Haze has been extensively used in breeding a number of cannabis hybrids throughout the years. Despite this, it still proves to be a very reliable strain by itself and is capable of producing effects and flavors that are hard to emulate. Haze is a pure Sativa strain that first originated in Northern California and was later shipped to Amsterdam for further development. It has the genetics of Thai, Colombian, Mexican, and Indian landrace strains which make it a very pure and natural strain.  


The Afghani landrace strain is also among marijuana breeders’ all-time favorite strains. As such, it is a marijuana strain name that anyone will definitely recognize. Constantly utilized as a parent strain for its very reliable genetics, the Afghani strain is known all across the whole cannabis industry by beginners and veterans alike. Afghani is a pure indica strain that induces very powerful and potent hits. Its full-bodied smoke coupled with a complex array of flavors makes it one of the most intriguing strains ever created. Some of its descendants include the Original Skunk, Sour Diesel, and Cheese among others. This is definitely a must-try for every cannabis smoker at least once in their lifetimes. 


Often being called the King of Celebrity Strains, the Northern Lights #5 is definitely a marijuana strain that is fit for royalty. Having been first developed in Northern California, Northern Lights #5 is also a multi-award winning marijuana strain much like its original counterpart. It is an almost pure indica that produces a very dreamy and euphoric feeling within the first few tokes that you take. Because of the strong physical buzzes that it produces, Northern Lights #5 is perfect for nighttime use right before you hit the sack. Because of the fame and success surrounding this strain throughout the years, it is made readily available in almost every cannabis shop and has constantly been a best-seller in any given source. 


When people talk about the strongest and most potent marijuana strains out there, it is quite impossible to leave out Bruce Banner #3 in the conversation. Having held the title for Strongest Marijuana Strain for many years, Bruce Banner #3 is known by many all across the marijuana scene for its heavy hits and powerful highs. Despite being a strain that is recommended for longtime marijuana smokers, Bruce Banner does little to induce a couch-locking effect. In fact, it offers a very uplifting and energizing high that will boost your creativity and sociability for many hours to come.


Despite being shrouded in mystery with regards to its original genetics and origins, Chemdawg has taken the cannabis world by storm ever since its development during the early 1990s. Having been awarded multiple Cannabis Cups, Chemdawg has found itself being constantly cultivated in many marijuana gardens, especially in the USA. In fact, it holds the record for most awards given to a marijuana strain. This speaks a lot about its reliability and fame. The hyped-up feeling and energetic boosts that you get from this marijuana hybrid will certainly make for an excellent daytime experience. 


What sets this strain apart from the rest is the exotic range of flavors that it imparts with every hit you take. Sour Diesel is an award-winning cannabis strain that originates from the East Coast of the United States. It has garnered worldwide attention due to the very flavorful marijuana buds that it produces. Sour Diesel, as its name suggests, emits a very pungent and skunky aroma when being ground up. The taste will hit you with powerful notes of, well… sourness and diesel. This strain offers an intense and mighty smoke that may cause some irritation to those who aren’t used to powerful drags. 


Blueberry is one of the few marijuana strain names that have achieved the perfect balance between a very subtle high and maximum flavor. Blueberry is one of the few marijuana strain names that has echoed across the whole world throughout the years. Having come from the native lands of Canada, this indica-dominant marijuana strain has set the standard for fruit-based cannabis strains across the whole world. It took home the esteemed High Times Cannabis Cup during the year 2000 and has since given pleasure to weed smokers all across the globe. Often described as being extremely fruity, the irresistible smell and taste of blueberries will definitely get any marijuana enthusiast hooked within the first few hits. 


As one of the oldest and most classic marijuana strain names on this list, White Widow has proven to withstand the tests of time for many years now. It has been able to rack up award after award even during the early 90s when it was first developed. White Widow offers a very sharp and stinging taste that matches its drowsy and trippy effects perfectly. Being able to produce a sensational and vibrant high while also keeping you calm and relaxed, White Widow will work perfectly during any time of the day. 


Obviously, this list wouldn’t be complete without first mentioning the highly sought after Cannatonic marijuana strain. Known for being one of the best and most efficient medical strains in the market, Cannatonic serves as a very versatile and flexible strain that offers great recreational and medical value. With a CBD percentage that can almost match the THC content of 18%, Cannatonic derives its reputation from being able to produce an astonishing high that can simultaneously rid patients of their illnesses and treat their health conditions. 

This is our list of the Most Famous Marijuana Strains in the market today. Because of the reputation surrounding them, these marijuana strain names have undoubtedly made their way across the whole cannabis scene. If you wish to purchase your own pack of cannabis seeds, these strains are made readily available at Crop King Seeds. With a fixed-guarantee of high-quality weed seeds, Crop King Seeds will surely satisfy all your weed cravings. They accept payment methods such as BitCoin, MasterCard, Visa, and Cash. Happy smoking!


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