headband marijuana strain

Believe it or not, some marijuana strains would much prefer staying low-key and under the radar for most of its time in the cannabis industry. As such, these rare and premium marijuana strains don’t make them available to just anyone. Certain celebrities and cannabis connoisseurs will need to have a certain level of connection around the cannabis industry in order to get their hands on these strains. One such example was the Headband marijuana strain. While it wasn’t as popular and well-known as many of the other weed strains out there, it is definitely still a marijuana strain that is packed full of flavor and amazing effects. Widely recognized as a staple in the West Coast of California, the Headband marijuana strain can be expected to produce very strong and cerebral hits like most of the strains that hail from that region. Today, the Headband marijuana strain is made available in almost all local weed dispensaries and marijuana seed banks, a sign that it is finally getting the recognition that it truly deserves.


The Headband marijuana strain is believed to have first originated from the snowy regions of Colorado. From there, the commercial success that it had led it to become one of the most potent and sought after strains in the USA. It has since been widely cultivated in almost all cannabis gardens found on the West Coast. In today’s cannabis scene, the Headband marijuana strain is largely considered a “principal” strain because of the convenience and availability of the strain across Canada and the USA. 

The Headband marijuana strain, sometimes also called “Sour Kush”, is the result of crossbreeding two of the most famous strains known to Cali: the world-renowned OG Kush and the unparalleled Sour Diesel. It is a marijuana strain that carries one of the richest and most luxurious genetics that can be found. The name symbolizes the slightly tight yet soothing cerebral feeling that you get when you, well….wear a headband.  


The Headband marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that is known for being very versatile and reliable in both the medical and recreational sectors. With a 60% indica and 40% sativa content, the Headband marijuana strain offers just the right amount of each indica and sativa influences without one overpowering the other. As for its plant structure, you will notice the strain leaning more towards an indica appearance. The Headband marijuana seeds grow up to a short to medium height, regularly reaching around 3 to 5 feet. At first glance, it is a very compact and bushy plant that is similar to a shrub. The low placement of leaves growing around the colas makes it very easy to trim and top this cannabis plant. 

The buds of this strain display a very frosty and crunchy look, often being coated with loads of white trichomes. They have very subtle dustings of orange and amber-red hairs that give the buds a little more character. When the Headband marijuana strain is cultivated in cooler conditions, they tend to display a dark green hue and may even sometimes produce a certain shade of purple. Headband will usually take around ten to eleven weeks of flowering time in order to fully mature and be ready for harvest. Growers will typically enjoy their buds around mid-October. Yields are also quite generous for the Headband strain. It will easily give around 500 to 600 grams per square meter of the plant.


Medical Value: The Headband marijuana strain causes a very unique kind of cerebral high. It offers a wide range of medical uses that patients can make use of. Despite having a CBD level of just 0.20%, the high caused by its THC level induce various therapeutic effects for both physical and mental conditions. The strong potency of this strain causes users to feel extremely relaxed without causing their bodies to crash. Once you get over the soothing feelings that the Headband marijuana strain imparts, you will feel refreshed and re-energized.

With the unparalleled sensations that you feel with this strain, it works perfectly for mitigating any symptoms of some of the most common mental conditions. These include inducing happier and uplifting thoughts in users who experience PTSD, anxiety, depression, and high levels of stress. Furthermore, the calming and deeply soothing effects can help tone down the ADHD levels that many people experience. It also gives your temples a nice, relaxing massage that gets rid of any migraines and pressure built up in your head. However, users should be aware of the doses that they take in. Too much of this can cause a certain numbing in the body which may get you feeling paralyzed and locked onto your couch.

Recreational Effects: The Headband marijuana strain offers a deeply intoxicating high that will leave users feeling stagnant for long hours. The effects of the Headband marijuana strain will impact the head almost immediately after you take a few hits. Users are introduced to a very dreamy and hazy state of mind that melts all their worries away. The strong physical buzzes will calm every inch of your body, blanketing your whole person with a sense of relaxation that is enough to knock even the most experienced users out. The earthy and pungent flavors of this strain also make it a very classic-tasting type of weed. The diesel-like notes will leave a slightly bitter and sour aftertaste on your palette. With a THC level ranging from 22% to 27%, the Headband marijuana strain is sure to deliver great satisfaction.

The Headband is a marijuana strain that we never knew we needed. It does well to uphold the reputation and status of the two very famous parent strains it makes use of. Headband will keep users high out of their minds while keeping them locked into one position. As such, it is a strain best smoked during the nighttime.


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