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Based on recent studies, the cannabis industry continues to grow more and more each year. While a lot of people try to involve themselves with cannabis, there are some who may not find it to be a very pleasing experience. Often times, this is because many first-time users and cannabis smokers are offered the wrong strains. You see, marijuana strain all work differently. While they are mainly separated and classified into certain groups, each top marijuana strains has a unique trait that separates it from others.

If you are a beginner marijuana smoker, then your best option would be to choose a strain that is: 1.) Easy to grow and 2.) Not too overwhelming and powerful. The world of marijuana is very vast and complex. There are literally thousands of things to learn about how marijuana works in your bodies and how it is properly cultivated. Even if you have been around marijuana for many years, you may still now know everything that there is to know about this magical plant. All it takes is some time and effort and you may find yourself having expansive knowledge about all things cannabis.

Tips for beginner marijuana smokers and growers:

  • Always start small. In time, your cannabis gardens will surely grow into bountiful crops. While you start building upon experience, try experimenting on different growing techniques that suit you the best. Having one or two marijuana seeds at a time can definitely help you take things slow.
  • Choose a strain with a low THC level. This is usually where beginner marijuana smokers commit their first mistakes. Often times, people will start smoking a joint of weed without even knowing the name or THC content. As a result, these high-level THC strains will usually knock users out and cause severe panic attacks and paranoia because of the strength of the strains. 
  • There are strains out there that are built for easy growth. If you haven’t heard of feminized and autoflowering seeds before. Then you might want to give them a try. These types of marijuana seeds are designed to make the whole cultivation process a lot simpler and easier. Feminized seeds allow users to grow only female plants while autoflowering seeds provide users with seeds that can flower automatically with only a limited amount of sunlight. 


Here is our list of the best marijuana strains that beginner growers and users can start with. Keep in mind that two factors come into play when choosing these strains: the ease of growing and the potency of the cannabis strains.

  • CHEESE MARIJUANA STRAIN – Let us start things off with a widely recognized strain around the whole cannabis scene. Cheese is one of the most popular weed strains to have been created particularly because of the simplicity and convenience of growing it. Additionally, Cheese induces a very mild high that isn’t nearly as overwhelming as the typical marijuana strains today. As its name suggests, Cheese produces a very strong and musky smell and taste of, well….cheese. This holds well for beginner marijuana smokers because of the pleasant sweetness it comes with. (THC level – 15%)
  • NORTHERN LIGHTS MARIJUANA STRAIN – Only a few strains have ever achieved the legendary status that Northern Lights has. Ideal for both beginner and experienced marijuana users, the Northern Lights strain gives smokers a very chill and subtle vibe that radiates throughout the whole body. Additionally, the Northern Lights strain is very easy to grow. Capable of adapting to any kind of growing climate, the Northern Lights strain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing setups. It produces a very deep and long-lasting sensation of euphoric buzzes that makes users come back for more. Having been able to bring home multiple awards since it was developed, the Northern Lights strain is definitely a must-have for any weed garden out there. (THC level – 18%)
  • BLUE DREAM MARIJUANA STRAIN – This marijuana strain is a staple for many beginner growers and smokers out in the USA. Because of the very pleasant mix of blueberries and earthiness that it gives your mouth, Blue Dream is a great choice for starters in the cannabis scene. When you walk into a local weed dispensary, chances are the sellers will offer this strain as a top choice for beginner weed growers and smokers. It offers a very vibrant and uplifting high that works great for smoking sessions and chilling out. Additionally, it doesn’t leave any “marijuana hangovers” the next day. In fact, Blue Dream will leave users feeling refreshed and energized for anything that is to come. Despite the fairly high THC content, Blue Dream offers little to no room for paranoia as it is very subtle to the mind. (THC Level – 25%)
  • AUTOPILOT XXL MARIJUANA STRAIN – This autoflowering version of the Big Bud XXL gives you all the astonishing highs and tastes of the legendary strain all while being very grower-friendly. Because of the ruderalis genetics instilled onto the Autopilot XXL, it is able to flower regardless of the growing environment that you choose. It also matures very quickly, taking only up to 6 weeks in order to fully flower. In terms of flavors, Autopilot XXL gives a very spicy and pungent taste that instantly gives you classic marijuana vibes. It is a great hybrid that combines a relaxing high with uplifting thoughts. (THC Level – 15%)
  • DARK ANGEL MARIJUANA STRAIN – Lastly, we have the renowned Dark Angel strain. A hybrid that consists of equal parts indica and sativa, this is an excellent choice for a beginner grower’s first strain. It is extremely easy to grow, capable of handling indoor and outdoor planting. Dark Angel also has a rather short plant structure that allows marijuana growers to save up some space. It takes around seven to eight weeks for this strain to fully flower and mature. Dark Angel gives off a very pleasing taste of bitter chocolate and coffee, making it ideal for morning tokes. (THC Level – 17%)

These marijuana strains will provide little to no difficulty for beginner marijuana growers when they plan on cultivating these seeds. As such, they are great choices if you want to build up your experience and skills in cannabis cultivation. Whatever strain that you choose, it will always end up potent and fresh so long as you provide it with the ideal amounts of care and effort. Happy smoking!


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