marijuana strains for anxiety

With so many different health conditions to be concerned about today, it is no wonder people have been experimenting with various methods of treatment. One of the most commonly experienced mental disorders today is anxiety. It is undoubtedly present in almost everyone who is going through stressful times and uncomfortable environments. As such, people have tried associating the use and consumption of marijuana strains for anxiety.

Surprisingly, there is so much more between the two than one would expect.

While anxiety may seem quite harmless when experienced on a low level, it may lead to other forms of attacks such as depression, panic attacks, paranoia, PTSD, and phobias. As such, symptoms of anxiety must be mitigated as soon as possible and should not be left unchecked. In this article, we are going to discuss the relationship between anxiety and cannabis consumption. Additionally, we will see how the chemical compounds found in marijuana can help alleviate anxiety and other mental illnesses.


Anxiety basically refers to the feeling of unease and worry that you feel when putting in a certain situation. It may cause people to feel discomfort and paranoia because of certain events that transpire. Anxiety is caused by a number of reasons. People will feel uneasy and restless when facing anxiety attacks. This may cause them to lose sleep, avoid eating, or hurt themselves both physically and mentally. Of course, there are levels to the experiences of anxiety that people have. It is perfectly normal for a person to experience anxiety attacks during activities such as exams, public speeches, competitions, or even your daily jobs. However, in some cases, a person’s anxiety levels have a tendency to reach dangerous heights. As such, it must be treated with some medical attention. In these situations, the help of a professional psychiatrist is recommended.

Typically, the causes of paranoia vary with each person. However, there are some things that help trigger the feeling of anxiety. These include:

  • Overthinking about a certain thing
  • Too much activity happening in your brain
  • The unequal balance of certain compounds found in the brain such as serotonin
  • Traumatic and scarring experiences that may have taken place in the past
  • Hereditary anxiety issues
  • The excessive consumption of alcohol and other substances may lead to anxiety


Now, the big question is: How exactly does marijuana help treat anxiety attacks? If you have been researching about medical cannabis, then you would know that one of marijuana’s main medical properties is the ability to alleviate anxiety. While all strains are unique from one another, almost every one of them has the ability to ease a person’s mind and reduce the chances of an anxiety attack. Furthermore, they don’t even have to be medical or CBD strains to be able to treat such mental illness.

You see, marijuana is primarily made up of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Along with terpenes, they are the composition of a cannabis plant’s genetic makeup. There are over a hundred different cannabinoids found in a marijuana plant. Of these, two of them distinctly stand out from the rest: tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol. These are known as THC and CBD, respectively. THC causes psychoactive feelings in marijuana consumption whereas CBD gives marijuana a more physical and health impact.

Doses of THC are known to help reduce the feelings of anxiety, especially when taken in low and manageable doses. However, powerful and potent marijuana strains have the tendency to increase a person’s anxiety depending on their tolerance to cannabis. CBD, on the other hand, is known to reduce the chances of anxiety. Because it is what people call the “safe compound” of cannabis, high doses of CBD do no raise anxiety levels.


Marijuana strains that are considered “relaxants and downers” will usually work best when treating anxiety. Also, try opting for strains that are natural mood enhancers. They help ease your worries and induce happier thoughts. If you plan on using medical cannabis as a form of treatment for your anxiety, then here are some of the best marijuana strains that work for that purpose.


White Widow is a legendary marijuana strain that packs a lot of flavors and ideal effects. This sativa-dominant hybrid is of South Indian and South American descent. Being a staple in almost every weed shop in the world, White Widow is a treat for any medical marijuana patient. With an average THC level of 21.5% and a CBD level of 0.2%, White Widow offers a very dreamy and cerebral-focused high. As such, it is perfect for getting rid of any negative thoughts that may be taking over your mind. The trippy and uplifting effects of the White Widow treat your mind to a very soothing massage.


With a THC content of 20%, Grand Daddy Purple offers a very sweet and fruity taste that will definitely entice a user’s palette. Often being praised for its ability to treat anxiety, it is common to see Grand Daddy Purple being used solely for that reason. Without inducing any mind-altering effects that are overly powerful, Grand Daddy Purple produces a very delicate and subtle high that doesn’t leave medical patients feeling overwhelmed. Instead, the GD Purp gives more of a physical sensation that swoops all throughout the body, giving it a very soothing feeling. As it makes its way to the head, your mind starts to fill with euphoria and haziness. This is definitely a must-try for anxiety patients.


This medical marijuana strain relies more on its CBD content to treat anxiety and other mental illnesses. Critical Mass contains a CBD level of 10% to 12%, making it ideal for all kinds of health conditions. With a THC level that measures only up to 8%, it provides the perfect level of subtle highs that are just enough to keep users happy and sociable. Critical Mass also reduces the tension felt in your temples, which is also a symptom of anxiety due to stress and overthinking.


It would be ridiculous if you haven’t heard of this classic strain before. Often regarded as the best medical marijuana strain to have ever been developed, Cannatonic boasts one of the few equal ratios of THC to CBD there is. While it is commonly known for its medical value, people often make use of its incredible features for recreational purposes as well. Cannatonic offers a very subtle yet uplifting high that keeps users up on their feet. Great for boosting your creativity and productivity, Cannatonic is often smoked right before heading off to work.


Despite the rather intimidating sound of its name, Amnesia Haze actually helps your mind function properly rather than cause any amnesia. In fact, the only thing that you will be saying goodbye to is your worries. It is famous for inducing some very cerebral and full-body effects that work amazingly for anxiety. If you have something bugging your brain, then having a few tokes of Amnesia Haze will definitely help you forget them. It keeps users calm and relaxed without actually putting them into a state of couch-lock. Additionally, Amnesia Haze will help spring your body back to life if you feel drained and fatigued after a long day.

These marijuana strains work brilliantly in cases where your anxiety levels suddenly skyrocket through the roof. Because of the strong cerebral effects that they produce, a few hits of these will definitely lighten up your mood. Anything stress-related will go flying out the window because of the happy thoughts that these strains will give. Overall, marijuana is a great choice of treatment for anxiety patients. And as long as you consume it responsibly, it is definitely safe.


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