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One idea that has been circulating around the medical sector for years is the thought of using cannabis as an alternative to the traditional medicines for treating certain conditions and illnesses. While it may seem like an intimidating and somewhat scary thought, several studies have shown that cannabis does, in fact, hold several medical properties. Marijuana strains for pain and some of the illnesses that cannabis has been known to treat include:

  • Alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression
  • PTSD and schizophrenia 
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Induce sleep and drowsiness for sleep disorders
  • Stimulate a person’s appetite

In addition to all of this, one of the main reasons for the use and consumption of cannabis is to treat and alleviate pain. People may be asking what sort of pain marijuana can treat. Well, marijuana mainly deals with chronic pain, most especially the type that causes inflammations, muscle spasms, and nerve aches. Additionally, pain levels caused by migraines, muscle spasms, tight joints, and backaches can also be alleviated by the use and consumption of cannabis.

Pain and Cannabis: How does it work?: How does it work?

Chronic pain refers to the feeling of discomfort and constant pain for more than 3 months despite being treated and medicated. It is one of the most frequently reported conditions that medical patients experience not only in the USA but around the whole world as well. This syndrome is typically caused by various reasons such as nerve damage, muscle spasms, constant damage in one area of the muscles and joints, migraines, headaches, back pains, and many more.

Marijuana strains, typically Indicas, are known to produce a physical buzz that helps soothe the muscles and joints. As such, this property has led many people to believe that cannabis is an effective alternative to treating chronic pain. Despite the need for further research regarding the topic, statistics have shown that people who use marijuana for pain relief have reported very positive feedback. Topicals, marijuana oils, and extracts have also been a trending way of making use of marijuana for pain relief without having to smoke it, thus avoiding the psychoactive highs that it generally comes with. 

THC and CBD:

 Marijuana is known to contain various chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These compounds, along with enzymes and terpenes, form the bulk of the chemical makeup found in cannabis. Of these compounds, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) compounds are known to be primarily responsible for the effects associated with marijuana. 

While THC is regarded as the psychoactive compound that causes the “high” when using marijuana, CBD is more of a medical property that does not induce any mind-altering effects. With these two combined, people have found various ways of using marijuana as a medical substitute. In fact, ever since the introduction of medical marijuana (which refers to the natural, unprocessed product from a cannabis plant), there has been a drastic decrease in the use of opioids, a medical drug that is known to have numerous negative side effects.  

Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

Keep in mind that marijuana strains do not have to be CBD-focused in order to be effective alternatives for pain relief. The soothing effects are typically linked to both THC and CBD, which means that strains used generally for recreational purposes may also have painkilling effects. With that being said, here is our list of the Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief:

  • ACDC MARIJUANA STRAIN – Just like its namesake, the ACDC marijuana strain will get you rocking with its extremely high CBD content and amazingly refreshing high. Often being recognized as one of the best marijuana strains for pain, this CBD-centered monster will deliver a very soothing and therapeutic feel with little to no signs of mind-altering effects. As it stands, the ACDC marijuana strain only carries a lowly 1% of THC. But the CBD level is what stands out, clocking in at an average 20%! This keeps it in par with some of the best medical strains out there. It is capable of inducing a physical buzz that releases and pent up stress that may cause chronic pain.
  • HARLEQUIN MARIJUANA STRAIN – This one here is another CBD-rich hybrid that focuses more on providing a strong physical presence rather than mess with the minds of its smokers. With a THC level of 7%, one can expect a very mellow and mild head high that is nothing too overwhelming. Harlequin also carries a CBD level of 10%, which is enough to give your body a nice body buzz that removes any sorts of pain levels that one may be experiencing. This strain works particularly well for everyday discomfort that you feel including migraines, backaches, muscle spasms, or tight joints. 
  • CANNATONIC MARIJUANA STRAIN – It is quite impossible to have a list of medical marijuana strains and leave out the legendary Cannatonic. Widely regarded as the best medical marijuana strain in the market for many years now, Cannatonic works as an all-around choice. It works especially well as a painkiller for those who are experiencing sharp stings of discomfort in their backs and temples. The anti-inflammatory properties of Cannatonic make it the ideal strain for post-workout sessions or just an everyday strain used to release the stress that is being built up in your body. Cannatonic will help treat any pain levels that may make it hard for people to move freely. 
  • CRITICAL MASS MARIJUANA STRAIN – As the lovechild of the famous Afghani strain and Skunk #1 landrace genetic, Critical Mass is a classic marijuana hybrid that produces a very strong and sedating body. The high THC level of 20% coupled with a moderate CBD level of 5% makes this a great choice for any mental and physical conditions that you may be experiencing. Critical Mass has a very strong reputation for treating inflammation in your muscles, particularly arthritis. Any stiff movements that may be hard to treat will instantly be loosened up after a few puffs of this strain.
  • NORTHERN LIGHTS MARIJUANA STRAIN – You have surely heard of this strain before. The Northern Lights strain is a very versatile and multipurpose strain that is effective in both recreational and medical areas. The strong indica influences of this strain make it one of the best marijuana strains for pain. The Northern Lights is able to cause a therapeutic and soothing massage that covers your entire body with a powerful buzz. The numbing effects of this strain will make you forget all about the sharp, stinging jolts of pain that may seem to be bothering you. It is definitely a must-try for those experiencing pain levels of any kind.

Chronic pain and just about any other kind of pain is one of the most common forms of illnesses that are frequently treated with cannabis. Leaving it unattended may lead to it developing into conditions that are much worse which is why it is important to immediately mitigate the symptoms caused by it. Medical marijuana is one of the most opted for choices with regards to treating pain. Because of the therapeutic and relaxing sensations that are given by it, it has been widely known that cannabis has a lot of painkilling properties. If you plan on using marijuana to deal with pain, make sure to take small doses during the start. It is always recommended to be responsible and alert with regard to cannabis consumption.


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