pineapple express marijuana strain

Of all of the cannabis strains, Pineapple Express is arguably one of the world’s most popular and well-loved by many. It delivers an exhilarating buzz, offers versatility (having both recreational and medicinal benefits), plus it has a famous namesake movie, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, that brought pineapple express marijuana strain into the spotlight. Part of the introduction is that able to know the common things about this topic of pineapple express marijuana strain.

This tropical strain is a star! And there are tons of reasons why it is all the rage after all these years. So, here are some pieces of information about this increasingly popular cannabis strain that you should know about.

Origin of the Pineapple Express

The parent bloodline of the pineapple express marijuana strain emerged from the reproduction of the Sativa Hawaiian strain and the hybrid Trainwreck strain. Theoretically, it is categorized as a well-balanced dominant hybrid of Sativa with a proportion of 60 percent to Sativa and 40 percent to Indica. Trainwreck is regarded as a powerful hybrid that delivers a pleasant high and very high THC level. In addition, coming from Hawaiian ancestry, it’s no doubt this strain is lauded for its distinctive pineapple flavor. 

Grown from an inspired Trainwreck x Hawaiian combining, the buds in this roll are olive in shade and are quite dense, with a fine layer of trichomes. With half of its genes emerged from an extremely pure strain, that is of 100% Sativa, it makes sense why this strain would have a powerful declaration of Sativa impact. This strain’s THC levels range within the 16-26% scale and boasts aromas that are reminiscent of a fruit stand. As a result, its high bringing effects are considerably strong and powerful. 

Pineapple Express Strain Profile

Scent and Aroma

When you take that first whiff of this famous weed, you know instantly that what you’re smelling is something out-of-the-ordinary and distinctive, even if you don’t exactly know what it is. But once you recognize its name is Pineapple Express, the answers all become too clear. As the name suggests, this strain is known to have a fruity and floral aroma that is immensely reminiscent of pineapples, bringing you into a visualization of being in the tropics, resting somewhere on a beach in Hawaii. 

With overtones of freshly cut pineapples and mangoes, and undertones of green apple and pine, this tropical strain will have your senses enticed while adding a wonderful sweetness to the experience. Given the fact of how sweet and scrumptious Pineapple Express weed’s aroma is, you will definitely be tempted by this exotic and invigorating tropical bud and will certainly have you chasing it at least once. 


Pineapple Express combines the potent and savory forces of the parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. This tropical bud tastes like a fresh slice of pineapple with a significant pine aftertaste. There are also some notes of apple and tangerine with some taste of pine and cedar joined in as well, so it makes for a super fruity and juicy strain. All the flavors are similar and super strong, letting you experience the fruitiness in its full expression. 

At first, when you exhale the smoke out, pine and woodsy tastes envelop your mouth. Then, the smoke travels to your nostrils, producing a delightful combination that is both exhilarating and grounding. With a hint of pineapple left hovering on your tongue after the smoke has gone, it takes your taste buds into a pool of happiness. 


Appearance-wise, the Pineapple Express strain resembles slightly of an Indica. It has remarkably densely packed, olive-colored, rock-shaped buds that are quite lengthy, much like the form of a Sativa. With just one look, it’s pretty obvious that this powerful strain is surely a hybrid. 

These tropical buds are sugary and crystalline, displaying a sagey, deep green hue that changes in particular sections to a yellow color, cut open by tinges of orange of the pistils that twist in the direction of the sun. When they are harvest-ready, the Pineapple Express strain produces dense light green buds with slight purple hues. 

Pineapple Express Grow Info

This hybrid strain is moderately difficult to cultivate, which means that it is not fit for novices. Nonetheless, it is positively possible to work your way up to effortlessly being able to grow this strain. This tall growing marijuana plant is a great indoor or outdoor plant. But, it typically grows better indoors with controlled temperatures. Essentially, climate control is the main reason for the slight increase in its difficulty to grow, since Pineapple Express requires a temperate and warm climate that mimics tropical conditions as closely as possible. If you are cultivating indoors, it is important that you give Pineapple Express ample space for her branches to reach far and wide. 

Pineapple Express strains that are grown indoors can blossom with just about any cultivating process, which includes hydroponics or grown through the soil. It is a tall yielding strain, with great indoor-grown buds usually achieving around 18 ounces per sq meter. On the contrary, outdoor grow at approximately 19 ounces per plant. The flowering stage of the Pineapple Express strain is about seven to eight weeks. For outdoor-grown strains, the ideal harvest time is around mid-October.

Pineapple Express Effects

The Pineapple Express strain is highly praised for its distinct flavor and ability to affect users’ bodies and minds. It tends to produce the perfect mix of head and body effects. This bud is an exceptional recreational strain and certainly provides an extraordinary experience. So, here are the effects the Pineapple Express has to offer: 

  • It certainly has the ability to carry introspection and strong cerebral results.
  • The strain gives a long-lasting energetic buzz that’s ideal for efficient afternoons and artistic escapes.
  • It gives users a heady, happy high with a positive sense of well-being that leaves them feeling creative and talkative.  
  • It keeps the mind sharp and concentrated.
  • It provides an uplifting, energetic effect that is followed by a relaxing body buzz.
  • Focus and awareness are often heightened when using this strain. 
  • Pineapple Express also produces a soothing and gentle relaxation, signs of physical stress.
  • This strain is playful in nature and with an upbeat attitude makes it excellent for social gatherings.
  • It is an ideal option for daytime tasks, making anything you do feels like it’s touched of calming, blissful, joyful cannabis glow. 
  • This hard-hitting hybrid is a long-lasting, energetic strain that harmonizes ideally with a hectic task or creative errands. 

Pineapple Express’ Medical Benefits

Pineapple Express may be created just for leisure users, but be assured that it also has a good amount of health benefits. In fact, the strain is primarily respected by the medicinal marijuana business to improve cure different circumstances, side effects, and conditions. The health benefits you get from this hybrid include:

  • This strain is valuable for those enduring chronic pain, or just moderate to mild pains.
  • It has been known to be of tremendous help with mental conditions, especially with clinical depression.
  • It has minor sedative characteristics and is also great for moderate aches and inflammations as well as headache and muscle pains.
  • This tropical strain relieves anxiety, stress, and even PTSD.
  • It helps with curing muscle pain, and muscle cramps without the threat of reliance.
  • It’s efficient in treating vomiting.
  • This strain is great for the appetite.
  • Pineapple Express would be a notable strain for those coping with digestive issues and general discomfort during the day. 

The Possible Downsides of Pineapple Express

Although Pineapple Express is quite an excellent strain, there are still adverse effects it produces but are considerably milder than other strains which are more insanely potent than this one. The prominent recorded adverse reactions after taking this tropical bud are:

Users tend to get dry lips, drying of eyes, and a feeling of thirst.

Others report having slight bouts of paranoia and dizziness. 

It also worsens anxiety and stress if taken improperly. 

Other than the list mentioned above, additional other side effects are much less likely, if not rare, which makes pineapple express marijuana strain a fairly risk-free strain to consume.

Final Thoughts

Pineapple Express is an inspiring strain with a gentle, tropical flavor that offers a cerebral high combined with a calming and scrumptious fragrance, paving a way to this strain as this strain is the most popular hybrids. In other words, it is a magnificent strain, not nearly as intense as the others, but still is globally popular for heaps of reasons. This strain is not only a balanced weed that not only tastes as it went straight from the tropical pleasure but also keeps you energetic, light enough so you can remain focused to conquer the day ahead.


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