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The Flo strain is a sativa hybrid arising from the mixing of two terrestrial strains: Purple Thai and Afghani. This strain has a citrusy and grape scent, but the taste is something different. When it comes to its effects, Flo provides a very feel-good and inspiring boost and is well recognized for its treatment of epilepsy, severe pain and swelling. Taking the award as the champion of the 1996 Cannabis Cup, and it’s no surprise that throughout history, many persons have amassed the supreme characteristics, aromas, flavors, results and medicinal benefits of the Flo marijuana strain. Admired by artists for producing uplifted senses, stronger feelings, and an urge to build, all kinds of people could gain from this bliss-inducing strain, along with its nuanced profile that tries to take on contrasting attributes and make them all work well effortlessly. 

What Is the Flo Marijuana Strain?

Formally categorized as a hybrid strain type, Flo is a 60 per cent sativa strain, with 40 per cent suggesting a marijuana strain that retains an insightful equilibrium that is preferred by cannabis consumers around the world. With the genetic roots of two brilliant terrestrial strains, Purple Thai sativa and Afghani indica, it gives intuition for parents like these to create such a wonderful strain type. The industry norm typically leads to high THC content, and this is a place whereby Flo truly stands out; with just an approximate THC content of 14-18 per cent, this marijuana category is not popular for making you stoned heavily with only one or two hits. Perhaps it is the “form” which Flo is determined to get its customer high that renders it so attractive. In addition, the significantly lower than normal THC content is potentially acceptable for those that want less adverse effects from their cannabis, and perhaps more achievable.

The Origins of Flo Cannabis Strain

The Flo strain blends chemistry from a famous, common and rather overhyped landrace with an obscure sativa of even murkier source. Glued together, these herbs clash in taste and effect, resulting in the hybrid genetics of Flo. But even then, one parent continues to shine through despite dominance, bringing Flo far closer to the sativa end of the continuum by a proportion of 80 to 20. One of the largest landraces widely used in the production of new cannabis strains may be the Afghan landrace. This weed – one of the oldest known varieties of cannabis in the wild – has an intense, resinous development that emits strong aromatic taste and aroma that shed some light on the type of strong chemistry that the strain contains. In terms of effects, it is often used for its way to target pain and discomfort such as stress and body aches and pains. In order to produce the Flo strain, this Afghan family was mixed with Purple Thai – a marijuana strain with such little commercial popularity. Its own family are, in their own right, mysterious, but the herb does not allow its relative anonymity to revoke its control. Kicking off with a startle of intense zaps that affect social contact, efficacy, and mental function, Powerful Sativa comes out. When you’re having a good time, just touch this stuff.

Aroma and Appearance

Flo’s first thoughts may make you think you’re looking at a rancid piece of overachieving cannabis. Its gentle yellow and dark purple colors give it a look that could make a few raised eyebrows of unpredictable spectators. Long story short, this could look like something that old Fido might have been coughing up during the day in the forest. Its light yellow, mixed with deep shades of violet, purple, and brown, is not exactly appealing, but it certainly makes up for it with its intense trichome covering. The ultra-dense coating of trichomes, which protects the layers of the Flo strain, makes it a very hazy, relaxed exterior.

But most of all it covers the unusual colors that might give the strain a bit better appeal in the eyes with a less skilled marijuana user. If you know that there is still more to marijuana than the eye sees, then a very good sniff could be next on your list of stuff to do while examining the Flo variety. And true enough that its strong fragrance is not disappointing. Strong notes of oak and mint originate from the leaves and grow through to the nose. Right beneath, earth and sandalwood shades thread through for a complex, natural fragrance that is unlike most of the strains on the industry that are too difficult for fruity flowers.

Experience and Effects

When lit and burned, the flavor of the Flo strain is a duplicate of its scent. Earthy overtones control the entire session, with distinct traces of mint and chamomile flowing through the open foreground. Towards to the end of the exhalation, the smoke has a slight diesel taste that can scratch the throat as it makes a final exit. But again it’s always nothing that even the lowest resistance consumers can’t manage. As the substance moves through the blood, it begins to impart its positive benefits to the consumer. Flo is for the most part, loved by his patronage for its powerful influence on ill feelings of anxiety and discomfort. That being said, Flo makes the perfect protection toward cognitive distress that could drive you away from everyday activities and social interaction. But it’s not stopping there. The Flo strain gives a jolt of additional power that can promote social contact – an attribute gained by its Purple Thai parent. Efficiency and cognitive function are both supercharged, offering you a free flow of positive energy that just doesn’t feel out of control or frustrating.

Medical Benefits of Flo Marijuana Strain

It’s easy to say straight away that Flo marijuana is a therapeutic strain, which means that so many have switched to its soothing potential for relief. Known for functioning as a spectacular agony extinguisher, several sources say that Flo’s ability to cope with severe pain, muscle aches, hallucinations, swelling, and other aches is next to nothing. In relation to enhancing the physical condition of the body, this marijuana strain is also known to cause munchies, which implies that it allows for a great appetite suppressant and can function well with those suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia.

In fact, this form of marijuana is recognized for its beneficial effects on the mind, and since it generally increases satisfaction, fulfillment, and elation, it can also help to relieve depression, sadness, and emotional inflammation. Eventually, many who frequently feel exhausted or exhausted or have been identified with chronic fatigue can find relief with Flo, whether fatigue is linked to a mental illness or is an isolated event. Since Flo does not have insane amounts of THC, moderate doses are sufficient for most people, but those with extreme severe discomfort will want to increase their dosage.

Possible Side Effects of Flo Strain

Like all other cannabis strains, Flo does have adverse effects, although they are generally far and few between relative to other marijuana types. This may be due to Flo’s lower THC property, which means that adverse reactions like anxiety and panic attacks are not as likely to occur. With these more extreme adverse effects out of the way, whatever you can anticipate from such a cannabis strain is drying of mouth, exhaustion and itchy eyes, that are all controllable only with a little extra planning and preparation. 

Acknowledging to consume more than enough hydrating fluids before, throughout and after your high. Eating enough fluids often ensures that the chances of getting grogginess or headaches next day would be decreased. Only hold a refillable bottle close by and if you note that the water levels are getting low, set a visual note to fill it up immediately. It will help to keep the water intake where they should be.

In conclusion, the Flo strain is very often a must-have for consumers who are struggling to search for inspiration for their everyday lives. In the very same light, people that feel that they already have an abundance of vigor – as well as those who could be prone to problems of anxiety and concern – may find the Flo variety driving them over the top, and that is why they may be best off by a specific variety all together. If you have been looking for a herbal option to help fight severe pain, seizures, anxiety, panic, stress/chronic stress, extreme pain, muscle aches, nausea, loss of appetite, and also some binge eating, then Flo marijuana strain might be an appropriate place to start your quest. Moreover, if you’ve been looking for an upbeat strain that offers a mild but essentially cerebral and imaginative high, then look no further than Flo – it’s a widely obtainable strain that  should be easily accessible in most pharmacies. We hope you have not only found this article interesting, but also educational and insightful. It is essential to know that cannabis use is the sole responsibility of the people and caution should always be exercised.


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