marijuana strains for migraines

As sufferers of migraines would say, “A migraine has a life of its own”. Migraines are so much worse than regular, tension headaches. Almost as debilitating, the severity of migraines is almost impossible to explain. They start off with a sharp persistent headache, and when they set in, it’s as if your head has hit a very tough wall made of the hardest stones. Aside from the chronic pain of this health nuisance, migraines also include a variety of symptoms like severe, throbbing headaches, fever, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, disrupted balance, disorientation, sensitivity to light and sound, and a lot more. Find out the best marijuana strains for migraines.

Suffering from migraines can completely ruin your day and can slow you down. In our fast-paced lives, you can never afford untreated migraines to slow you down and no one should have to put up with the aggravating pain that comes with it.

There is no one treatment for migraines and people who suffer from it will do almost any possible thing to make them stop. Fortunately, there’s hope. And this hope is in the form of marijuana. 

How Marijuana Helps Treat Migraines

Since the 1840s, doctors have treated migraines with medical cannabis but was hindered from doing further research, until recently, due to prohibitions. 

As research suggests, marijuana has analgesic properties and contains cannabinoids like THC and CBD which are the major components in marijuana that are believed to have very strong medicinal properties. CBD has been proved to be very efficient in treating migraines in particular due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. On the other hand, THC is also helpful in relieving the symptoms of a migraine because of its capacity to lessen pain. What makes marijuana even more effective is that it’s directly linked to its ability to bind with receptors in the body that minimize inflammation, disease, and the symptoms of migraine. 

Together with its proclaimed pain advantages, some medical marijuana strains are said to be a cure against vomiting and nausea, and anti-inflammatory, targeting more specific migraine symptoms and their intensity. With so many different cannabis strains out there, the need to know more about them is vital since there is no consensus yet on which is the most effective for suppressing migraine pain or lowering their frequency. So, here are some of the best weed strains that appear to be helpful with migraines:

The Best Marijuana Strains for Migraine

  • Critical Mass 

High THC levels of critical mass also influence pain treatment as they involve anti-inflammatory properties that can benefit from a range of issues including migraines, joint pain, and arthritis, all of which can be especially difficult to treat. It is often a good medicinal choice for those suffering from pain and chronic fatigue because of its soothing properties.

  • Tangerine Dream 

For many medical marijuana patients, Tangerine Dream is a dependable strain to ease the pain. It is an extraordinarily potent strain of marijuana with a THC content that averages around 19 percent but can hit a staggering 25 percent plus its CBD levels of about 0.10 percent, considered one of the most award-winning cannabis strains in nature.

It also happens to be one of the best weed strains for migraines and for any kind of pain due to its ability to treat chronic pain and inflammation. Its relaxing effect helps ease muscle pain and gives off feelings of happiness followed by a mellow mindset.

  • OG Kush

This hybrid cannabis strain is the most common and is widely available at any dispensary. Its powerful sedative effects can help alleviate migraine symptoms. OG Kush contains high THC property of 20% which can give instant aid, while its CBD content can help aid in long-term pain reduction. 

When using this strain, it is crucial to use it when you feel a headache just beginning before it becomes full-blown. The OG Kush takes the edge off and also helps to attack symptoms associated with migraines. 

  • Harlequin 

A Sativa-dominant hybrid, users claim that Harlequin is the perfect strain to use for when you feel a migraine coming on. Although they can be a little hard to find, it has a known reputation for its ability to control pain. It usually contains approximately  4-7% THC and an 8-16% CBD, which is quite a good balance that allows for superior pain relief without giving an intense psychoactive effect. Harlequin strain is helpful for people who have high levels of pain that come with their migraines. Moreover, it also produces a feeling of clear-headedness and alertness and is known to be relaxing but non-sedating. 

  • ACDC

ACDC is an excellent choice for those who would want a solution to their pain relief without the excessive psychoactive effects. It is anti-inflammatory with a 1:20 THC/CBD ratio and CBD levels up to 19%, which makes it very effective at helping to control migraine symptoms and fighting inflammation. This Sativa-dominant strain is great for relieving pain while providing a calm and happy feeling. Additionally, due to its low THC content, you will not experience a psychoactive high. A good number of people also use this strain to address nausea, anxiety, seizures, and tumors.

  • Remedy Marijuana Strain

As the name entails, the Remedy marijuana is an Indica strain that is not really common but should definitely be on your list. It is highly sought-after and was purposely bred to be a medical strain. Created specifically for pain relief, Remedy has become a favorite for the treatment of pain seizures and inflammation. It is a powerful treatment for migraines which usually contains around 15% CBD and with no THC at all.  Just like ACDC, this strain brings out a relaxing, mellow feeling, while leaving the user with a clear head. Also, Remedy will not only instantly relieve your migraine but also keeps you relaxed without having a knockout high. 

  • Purple Kush 

A few think that sleep is the best remedy. But when migraines are preventing you from getting some much-needed rest, the Indica-heavy Purple Kush is a medical cannabis strain that may help with your dilemma. Containing a 17-22% THC content and a low 0.07-0.1% CBD level, this strain helps promote a deep, relaxing sleep as it induces a soothing, numbing sensation while decreasing the intensity of the migraine. The Purple Kush is best used before bedtime or whenever you need time to relax. 

  • Canna-Tsu

Popularly known for producing calming effects and mental clarity, Canna-Tsu is a hybrid strain that contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. This strain reduces inflammation, which does a nice job of controlling and relieving migraine pain and symptoms. The Canna-Tsu has a reputation for lessening pain linked to migraines and headaches in general. Its THC content is between 5-10% making it truly balanced and mellow enough to calm the body and lessen the effects of migraines, while also combating inflammation and general body pain


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