cherry pie marijuana strain

The Cherry Pie marijuana strain is a high THC strain that can induce happiness and energy. Considered an extraordinary social strain, it keeps the user’s mind on its toes and is perfect for working on work-related projects as it induces the creative side of the user. This sweet and cherry-flavored strain has a moderate to strong THC content of about 20%. Further, the distinctive sweet cherry aroma is one of a kind and has lured a lot of cannabis users due to its alluring scent.

This Indica dominant hybrid which resulted in the cross-breeding of Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison has characteristics reminiscent of cherries, thus its name. It has very dense buds with orange hair covering the buds, with a slight tint of purple.

Growing Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain

It is highly recommended to grow Cherry pie marijuana strain indoors. Its growing requirement needs a warm, Mediterranean climate with lots and lots of sunlight. On average, this strain yields approximately 14 ounces of bud per plant. to improve the quality of the soil, it is highly recommended to supplement our soil mix with adequate amounts of bat guano and worm castings. This helps in giving your plants a full and sturdy appearance. Lower than usual humidity is preferred by this plant. This bushy growing plant also requires constant pruning to instigate more stem growth. But it must be noted that over-pruning may lead to stunted growth and lesser yields. Its bud structure is usually small to medium and its curly leaves are packed in a dense fashion.

Sometimes, there is the presence of excess nutrients in the potting medium, thus it is recommended to flush out these nutrient traces at least every other month.


The high that Cherrie pie gives is a slow ascending feeling of relaxation. all tension and pressure on the body are eliminated. What takes is a calming feeling of euphoria. as the high gets longer, the Sativa induced high of increasing the user’s visual and auditory stimuli. This intense sensation makes the senses more active. This strain involves both body and mind stimulation.

This marijuana strain awakens your happy thoughts and feelings making you feel relaxed and worry-free. It does not exhibit properties of being slow and heavy-footed but gives that extra surge of energy needed to enjoy that buzz.


The Cherry pie marijuana strain has both psychological and physiological appeal for medical cannabis patients Its calming properties help relax patients suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and depression. This makes the patient activate his thoughts on the more positive concepts in life rather than sulking in his present-day dilemma. Aside from the mental relaxation, it gives it also enhances the patients’ physical relaxation. This blissful state benefits patients who suffer from pain and aches as well as forget about the discomfort brought about by inflammations.


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