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With so many marijuana strains being introduced, keeping track of each of them can worsen, especially those with an unknown history. However, mysterious or not, a lot of them can give you a satisfying high flavor, and others. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, which you will never know about unless you give them a chance. King Tut marijuana strain is a nice strain that will give an uplift feeling.

Currently, you are looking at the profile of a royal cannabis strain, the King Tut. Little is known about this strain, but we have gathered as much information as possible to help you get acquainted with this peculiar marijuana type.

King Tut Marijuana Strain: Etymology: Named after the mighty Pharaoh, Tutankhamon

Pyramid Seeds, a breeder collective that is based in Barcelona, created the King Tut strain. It was named after the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamon, the last of his royal family to rule in Egyptian history. Being such an elite cannabis strain, it is easy to see why it was named after one of Egypt’s most famous rulers. And similar to the Pharaoh, the strain also goes by its shortened name, King Tut.

Genetics: Descendant of AK-47 

Not very much is known about the lineage of the King Tut marijuana strain except that the genetics of AK-47 is running through its veins. With that being said, you should know that this royal King Tut strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Though AK-47 sounds deadly, it is just a name. As a matter of fact, it leaves a gentle high, physically and mentally. King Tut, on the other hand, has an even more potent effect. 

With a high THC level that averages 25% and 30%, this strain has a more uplifting effect than its parent strain. However, this strain is not for beginners. Its high THC level also means that King Tut can overwhelm the users when taking this marijuana strain without care.

Taste and Aroma Of King Tut

Although King Tut has kept the sour and skunky aroma of its parent strain, the degree of its fragrance is still far from the AK-47. On the other hand, the taste has hints of flowers and fresh fruits that will tickle your buds. It begins with the sweet taste of a fresh fruit that will turn to a floral flavor and leave an earthy aftertaste on your mouth.

Nurturing a King Tut

Whether you grow King Tut indoors or outdoors, it is relatively easy to culture, even for novice cultivators. It maintains a short size too, which is excellent if you have limited space indoors. It would also take about 8-9 weeks for it to flower when grown indoors. However, you have to keep it out of wet environments because King Tut is receptive to molds. Please expect to receive high yields from the Tutankhamon strain, most especially when you raise it outdoors.

Also, look forward to its light green buds that are cottony looking. This mellow color can be because of its trichomes that are found on the surface of the flower. Moreover, you will probably see hairs on King Tut in pale amber color.

Positive and Negative Effects of King Tut Marijuana Strain

Did you already know that King Tut has a high level of THC? If not, then there you have it. With an average of 25% to 30% THC level, you must prepare yourself to get a strong hit. King Tut is not a strain for starters, and even non-starters have to be careful with this. Assess your tolerance before you take a hit because of its very potent nature.

Like a coffee that is used to start to give your day a boost, it is highly recommended that you use this during the daytime. Tutankhamon is an excellent marijuana strain to rev up your system for a busy day. It gives a strong cerebral effect, which makes you very social, energized, and creative, similar to any sativa-dominant strain. Your focus will also be amplified.

There is more to it than being used for recreation; you can also use the King Tut marijuana strain medically. For those who are looking for any stress reliever, you can try this strain. King Tut will relieve you of all negative thoughts and will surely keep you happy. Those with depression, chronic pain, nausea, and inflammation can also use this. However, do not get aggressive in using Tutankhamon because King Tut is extraordinarily potent, and we will not get tired of reminding you this as a safety precaution.

There are also adverse reactions caused by King Tut, like the usual red eyes and dry mouth. You can also feel dizzy, so take it easy with this strain, and it should be gone in a minute. However, those who did not listen to the warning and went over their tolerance can experience paranoia and anxiety attacks. So once again, be careful with this marijuana and keep your tolerance in check.

Nice To Know:

  • King Tut is considered a rare strain created by Pyramid Seeds.
  • Tutankhamon is most popular in Michigan, Arizona, and the Pacific Northwest.


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