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Jack the Ripper is a combination that provides a euphoric and uplifting high that is soothing at the very same time as sativa-leaning. Depression and anorexia can help the problem like ADD and ADHD. This strain has a soothing and reinvigorating flavor as well – mostly tangy lemon, with pine and citrus notes as well. The Jack the Ripper strain could even slay you and take complete control of your structure in a matter of seconds, much like its infamous title. Purists, seasoned marijuana users, and connoisseurs who are well conscious of the benefits of a heavy sativa usually enjoy this high-CBD strain. But the Jack the Ripper strain maybe a little too hot to manage for unwitting newbies and rookies. Jack the Ripper is hailed as the quickest sativa currently accessible in the renowned cannabis community. So in addition to its extremely strong effects, the cultivar can also demonstrate its impact within minutes of your drag. Now you should be cautious about taking a dosage without becoming completely prepared for its near-instant results unless you are willing to get totally lost from its impact. Read on to learn more about the marijuana strain of Jack the Ripper.

What is Jack the Ripper Strain?

The Jack the Ripper strain is generally recognized as the signature hybrid of renowned marijuana breeders, Subcool’s the Dank, by cannabis lovers. To produce in seed form, Jack the Ripper, sometimes shortened to JTR, was said to be established. Jack the Ripper is described by many as among the fastest Lemon Haze strains in the industry at the moment. The Jack in the name of JTR is that it is a Jack’s Cleaner clone cross. The male counterpart of the Space Queen strain, the comically called Space Dude, was crossed by Subcool with this clone. 

In most West Coast recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, the Jack the Ripper strain has become highly popular and is accessible. JTR is commonly available as edibles, oils, candies, gummies, and more at dispensaries. This content of THC makes JTR a slightly potent strain. Many praise it as an excellent wake-and-bake strain due to the sudden onset of JTR’s inspirational and invigorating results. 

Although with Jack the Ripper, beginners should tread gently, and be cautious not to over-consume this relatively potent strain. More seasoned cannabis users would typically handle JTR’s invigorating, inspiring sativa impact better and enjoy them. Some find the cerebral effects of the Jack the Ripper strain can contribute to more conceptual, imaginative thought. Artistic types looking for a little motivation can therefore find this strain beneficial to get their creative juices flowing.

The Origins of the Jack the Ripper Marijuana Strain

A star-studded genealogy touts Jack the Ripper, with legends and celebrities glistening throughout the lineage. Its roots are a Space Queen hybrid and a Jack’s Cleaner sativa. In the cannabis industry, both are fantastic options, with family lines including famous names in the known world of marijuana. The child of Romulan and Cinderella 99 is the Space Queen, possessing hybrid genes that lean towards the gene pool’s sativa side. This is a high-yielding herb suggestive of apple, berry, and citrus with delightful fruity flavors. She works quickly and delivers a waking buzz, just the same as Jack the Ripper, that startles through the body to disperse unprecedented amounts of vigor. The immediate ancestor of the Jack Herer strain is Jack’s Cleaner. Actually, it’s a popular strain phenotype, and you might assume that they are one and the same. The Jack the Ripper strain predominantly inherits its sativa genes in full. And that involves the influence of heavy-hitting that affects the brain.

Aroma and Appearance

Big, loosely loaded, and slightly painted Jack the Ripper nugs. On the first snow of winter, the pale coat may be similar to a lot of grass, sprinkled with tiny little crystals of crystallized quality. The trichomes that create the fragile nectar of the strain are all these fluffy hairs, a thick golden resin containing the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. The Jack the Ripper strain can appear like an undisciplined beast with a psychotic disposition with the leaves and tendrils that jut out for every way. Particularly if you are not fully used to the go through of a thick sativa that means an organization, its wild, unchecked growth can be especially daunting. If you gather the confidence to carry him down the shelf, the scent of apples and citrus, both acquired from its parent Jack’s Cleaner, is released by unplugging the lid. The herb also contains pine and lemon that compete with the other fruity notes to overwhelm your perceptions and make you would like to take another sniff just to record all the different notes you detect properly.

Experience and Effects

With a taste profile that exactly mirrors its scent, Jack the Ripper comes out thrashing. The mental perception, with the fiery notes of lemon and pine that are always extremely concentrated, will overwhelm your taste buds. No wonder, although the flavors themselves are not disruptive or unpleasant, before that second drag, the sheer strength of every note will make you move back and pause. The Jack the Ripper strain does not really give you quite enough time to prepare for the approaching symptoms since it is a fast-acting plant. The first thing you’ll find is an increased response to all the different stimuli around you. There are clearer voices, sharper sights, better tastes, and stronger smells. And the pressure continues to work on your cognitive abilities as you try to examine your circumstances. The herb will enhance the mental activity, fueling you with speeding thoughts jumping from one to the other. The herb can cause nervousness for those with anxiety, making it best to steer clear in case you are a low-tolerance or sensitive head to marijuana. The symptoms are, body-wise, tangible. With a shot of epinephrine, the strain lightens the sensation of the muscles and rattles the body to make you want to run.

Medical Benefits of Jack the Ripper Strain

Although the Jack the Ripper strain is widely used for recreational reasons, it is widely considered to be a medical marijuana strain of top quality. The inspirational and mood-enhancing results of JTR make it a strong preference for those seeking psychological pain and depression treatment. 

Allegedly, the Jack the Ripper strain also has some analgesic properties, and some use it to relieve chronic diseases of pain. Arthritis, migraines, and lower back pain have certain debilitating symptoms that individuals use Jack the Ripper for. Please keep in mind that certain consider that the “munchies” are offered to them by JTR, so be aware of this if you are on a diet looking to lose weight.

Growing and Processing Method

Jack the Ripper is fairly hard to cultivate, with unique needs for cultivation that may not be so easy to satisfy. Which include decreased temperature, prolonged exposure to sunlight, and adequate application of fertilizer. It’s often safer to separate your Jack the Ripper plants indoors for these purposes, in which you can track their development and tweak the variables that affect their development. It is not necessarily a high-yielding plant, generating an average yield for every foot of its length of 2 to 3 ounces of bud. Nevertheless, because of its sativa genetics, the plant can achieve well over six to seven feet high. So what it loses in the density of yield is substituted by its sheer height. The seed takes roughly eight to nine weeks to bloom. If you are able to fulfill all the requirements of the plant as it reaches adulthood, then it can be a successful extraction option. After all the plant produces outstanding concentrate with its enormous sativa impact and rich cannabinoid content which can be used for the production of cannabis-derived items.

Possible Side Effects of the Jack the Ripper Strain

The Jack the Ripper strain has several negative side effects that are correlated with it. Dry lips and dry eyes are the most widely reported negative effects. After absorbing JTR, you would definitely feel parched and dehydrated. Be prepared, in particular, for dry and itchy eyes that can become swollen or irritated. A reason for concern is none of these more common symptoms. With a little more planning and preparation, they both are manageable. Bear in mind, however, that after absorbing JTR, some people will experience moderate paranoia. Maybe this is because of the higher THC content of JTR, or by drinking too much of this strain in one sitting. 

Some individuals are very susceptible to THC; for those dealing with a mood disorder, this is prevalent. If you know that you are susceptible to THC, knowing your limits and taking care of how much you eat is necessary. Any other adverse effects of Jack the Ripper include increased anxiety and nausea, as well as headaches. The majority of seasoned, sensitive marijuana users should be able to prevent these less prevalent adverse effects.


Jack the Ripper strain is a good quality sativa-dominant hybrid that many recreational marijuana users will appreciate. JTR’s quick-acting, inspiring and invigorating results have rendered it a very common option for those who want to ‘wake-and-bake.’ Jack the Ripper also has many numerous health advantages to bring to the medicinal user. That being said, medical marijuana people should be informed of JTR’s relatively high THC and low CBD quality. 


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