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If you have been smoking marijuana for a long time, you probably notice that there are some strains without any interesting nicknames like “Purple Punch,” “Golden Goat,” “Grandaddy Purple,” “Grape Ape,” and many more. You will also notice that those with simple and straightforward moniker are named after the place where they originated, like “Afghani,” “Thai,” and others. In this article, you learn about thai marijuana strain where in it is important to know about it.

These types of marijuana are what we label as landrace strain, which are unique varieties of cannabis that are native to their respective regions. Landrace strains are also the types of cannabis that will never be a product of marijuana breeders. These plants grow in a particular environment for an extended period, and the following generations adapt better to that surrounding. The growing conditions and practices applied to each also pass on unique characteristics to each strain. Every one of them is either a pure sativa or an Indica strain but will never become a hybrid. One of the most reputable landrace strains is the Thai marijuana strain. And below are the essential information you need to know about Thai.

Origin Thai Marijuana Strain

Thai, also known as Thai Stick or Thailand, is an Asiatic landrace that was able to keep a legendary name among weed breeders and smokers. It is called “Thai Stick” because of the traditional preparation of its buds wherein they are dried and tied into long sticks. And, if it is not apparent yet, this strain grows natively in Thailand. It was brought to the US around the 70s and has shared its genetics with a lot of modern strains. This landrace is a rare find these days, but you will see many other hybrids with Thai Stick genetics.

Genetics Thai Marijuana Strain

Being a landrace strain, Thai Stick evolved naturally according to her environment and away from the hands of man. Since nature cultivated the Thai marijuana strain, it has become a 100% pure sativa variety. Its THC level varies, but it can be as high as 22%. As a pure strain, it was used to produce a couple of popular uplifting hybrid strains that many love today, like the Haze, Northern Lights, AK-47, Voodoo, Juicy Fruit, and many more, by crossing it with other strains.

Aroma and Taste Thai Marijuana Strain

The Thai landrace strain primarily gives off a distinct fruity and citrusy smell with hints of diesel. Once it is burned, the buds exude a more bitter aroma. Compared to most sativa strains, Thai is harsher. Due to this, coughing and lung expansion is a regular occurrence. Once you exhale it, you will experience light floral and herbal tastes.


Thai marijuana is far from your typical marijuana plant. It flaunts longer and thinner leaves than usual. It also does not really form buds on their branches. Your eyes can feast on its fresh pale green color that features streaks of brown tones that pop up between the leaves. This marijuana strain is also very resinous.

Growing Thai Sticks

Thai Sticks are not precisely to be cultivated by beginners; this is far from being easy to grow. However, if you want to take on the challenge, here are some of the things you should know when cultivating the Thai marijuana strain. Since this plant is typically seen in locations with tropical climates, cultivating it outdoors in more temperate environments has proven to be challenging. Greenhouse gardens can help the experts grow this strain, only if they are patient enough since Thai has a long growth cycle and slow flowering. The flowering of Thailand can take up to 14 to 16 weeks; some could even reach up to 20 weeks. Patience really is a virtue!

Not only is this strain challenging to grow outdoors, but nurturing it indoors can also be demanding. If you have a large vertical space, it might be enough, but you should know that Thai Sticks can reach up to almost 15 feet at their maturity. Considering the height of the Thai marijuana strain, you can say that it is more of a tree than a plant. Despite being hard to nurture outdoors or indoors, at least they are resistant to molds and mildews. Its generous yield also makes it worth it to go through the hardship of cultivating this cannabis strain.

Effects Thai Marijuana Strain

Recreational: This landrace strain is famous for its quick and robust head high. It also has an energizing and euphoric effect that hits fast and lasts long. Since it livens up its users, this is best used during day time. The increase in spirit you get can be compared to when you take your cup of coffee first thing in the morning, which causes a caffeine buzz. It also clears your head and causes a motivating high, which is appropriate for a productive day. And, although its influence is so strong, it still gives a comfortable feeling.

Medical: The positive effect of Thai marijuana strain attacks fatigue, ADHD, and anxiety well. There will also be no room for bad vibes after taking this strain, which significantly reduces mood problems, depression, and bipolar disorders. Thai Sticks will also help you relax and relieve you of physical pains like muscle aches, cramps, muscle spasms, headaches, and migraines.

Repercussions: As mentioned earlier, the smoke of Thai marijuana strain has a stronger and harsher aroma, which commonly results in coughing and lung expansion. Its high THC level can also catch novice smokers off guard and cause paranoia. And like other strains, expect to have a dry mouth, dry eyes, headaches, and dizziness.

Nice to know

  • Although Thai marijuana strain, like most pure strains, is rare, it can be found in California and is also really well-known in the Pacific Northwest
  • Thai and Gelato cannabis strains are some of the most cited weeds in hip-hop culture.
  • Its alternate name, which is Thai Sticks, came from the way Thailand is prepared.
  • Landrace strains like Thai are less potent than the current strains because today’s weeds are bred for more potent effects.


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