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As the years go by, the cannabis market is slowly being introduced to stronger and more powerful potent marijuana strains. During the late 2000s, the average THC level that marijuana strains would average is around 6.5%. For today’s standards, that would be considered fairly low. In fact, the average of today’s strains would carry a THC level of 13% to 15%. As you can see, a lot has changed with regards to the way marijuana seeds are being developed and bred.

Because of this, weed smokers and stoners all around the world have been building up their tolerance towards hard-hitting strains. But how exactly do you measure a marijuana strain’s power and potency? Today, we are going to discuss the strongest and most potent marijuana strains in the market today. These particular ones will definitely be a handful even for the most experienced weed smokers out there. Let’s take a look:

How do you measure a marijuana strain’s strength?

There is no doubt that the THC contents of a marijuana strain are the best way of measuring its strength and potency. When a person smokes or consumes marijuana which carries a high THC level, they are more prone to experiencing heavier and deeper effects than usual. For example, a cannabis sativa strain containing a 10% THC level would casually cause a psychoactive effect which is very mellow and subtle. This gives people the assurance of avoiding any negative side effects. However, if that same person were to smoke cannabis strains which had a THC level of 27%, chances are the person would experience strong paranoia and anxiety due to the overwhelming strength of such strain. 

If this is so, then why do people opt for high THC strains? Well, put simply, it is all about a smoker’s tolerance. If they are experienced enough to handle the THC levels of potent weed strains, then the high that they would experience will undoubtedly be a lot more enjoyable. People are often put into a deep and relaxing high that will last for long hours. However, keep in mind that THC levels aren’t the only factor affecting a marijuana strain’s strength and potency. Despite not having the highest THC content, a strain may naturally have certain properties which amplify and enhance the effects that it induces.


Here is a list of the most potent strains in the market today. From high THC levels to just purely sharp stings with each hit, these will definitely get your heads rolling.

  • COOKIES GELATO – Here’s a strain that comes straight out of Candy Land. The Cookies Gelato marijuana strain is, by far, the sweetest marijuana strain on this list. As the lovechild of two very potent marijuana strains, the Cookies Gelato is bred from crossing the renowned Girl Scout Cookies with some Gelato 33. As such, it is definitely the right choice for those who have a sweet tooth to satisfy. Cookies Gelato carries a THC level that measures up to an astounding 28%. Because it is made up of a 50:50 ratio of indica and sativa, users should expect heavy hits in both the mind and body. Users are met with strong waves of euphoria that enhance their moods and simultaneously soothe every inch of their body, creating a blissful experience of positivity and relaxation.
  • GODFATHER OG This is it, fellas. The big one. Known across the world as the strongest and most potent marijuana strain today, the Godfather OG if give you guys a high that you can’t refuse. Currently holding the record for the highest average THC level, the Godfather OG’s potency measures up to an astounding 34%! Yes, you read that correctly. It is the result of crossbreeding some Bubba Kush, L.A. Confidential, and some Grand Daddy Purple. Being an indica-dominant strain, expect a strong couch-locking effect to sweep over your entire body. You will undoubtedly be wrapped around a thick blanket and head off to Dream Land after a few hits of this strain. Because it has a THC level unlike anything we’re ever seen before, expect a powerfully unique high that will last for many hours.
  • BRUCE BANNER #3 – Before the cannabis industry had the Godfather OG, a certain Bruce Banner #3 held the record for strongest and most potent marijuana strain in the world. Just like its namesake, this incredible green monster will deliver powerful punches with each and every hit that you take. Bruce Banner #3 is one of the three major phenotypes of the Bruce Banner series. This strain in particular is known to be the most famous due to the high potency that it possesses. With a whopping 30% of THC, the Bruce Banner #3 will fire a quick onslaught of energy and euphoria your way. The typical sativa effects are amplified to greater heights with this strain. You will feel a lot more sociable and talkative after getting a few hits in, making you feel restless for a long period of time. 
  • WHITE TAHOE COOKIES – Check out the newcomer in the cannabis industry. As the youngest entry in today’s list, the White Tahoe Cookies strain has definitely caught the attention of the whole weed scene. With a THC level that measures up to around 27%, White Cookies Tahoe can definitely hold its own against other classic strains. It might come as a surprise as to how quickly the White Cookies Tahoe will impair your senses. A strong buzz will immediately overtake your mind, transporting you to a faraway land. The indica dominance will gradually manifest itself as you start feeling strong pulses of relaxation that soothe your mind and body. This strain works great before sleeping as your mind will be filled with creative thoughts, giving you a good night’s sleep. 
  • ROYAL GORILLA – This mixed hybrid is definitely one for the books. With a great balance of indica and sativa genetics, the Royal Gorilla will give you everything that you could ever ask for in a high-THC strain. The Royal Gorilla is capable of knocking you out while you start fantasizing about your heart’s deepest desires. The mix of euphoria and soothing body massages will instantly hook users to this unique strain. Lab tests record the highest THC level of this strain to be around 28%. The amazingly satisfying high coupled with the decadent flavors of this strain made it a fan favorite among cannabis users everywhere.

The strongest and most potent marijuana strains may prove to be a little too much for beginner smokers. However, building up the right tolerance to them can guarantee a unique and blissful high when using these bad boys. From strong effects to tantalizing flavors, the strains listed above have earned the reputation that they are given. So if you plan on testing out just how much you can take, give these potent marijuana strains a go!


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