lsd marijuana strain

When first reading the name of this strain, chances are users would be terrified to even try it out. Well, let me be the first to tell you that while it does provide a very trippy experience similar to that of taking acid, this is a much safer route to go down on. The LSD marijuana strain is one of the most cerebral and psychedelic strains that users can get their hands on. Because of the strong and immensely satisfying effects and flavors that it gives off, the LSD strain is no stranger to awards and recognitions. Its uniqueness definitely sets it apart from cerebral-hitting strains.


The LSD marijuana strain was first developed in the cannabis gardens of Amsterdam. There, a Netherlands-based seed breeder thought up the idea of crossbreeding the super famous landrace strain of Skunk #1 with some Mazar marijuana strain.  The result of this experiment led to the creation of one of the most psychoactive and sweet-tasting marijuana strains to exist.  

With a strong and uplifting buzz, the LSD marijuana strain was able to win a number of awards during its prime days. One of the most significant titles it holds is placing 3rd in the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup awards, a feat that every marijuana strain should be proud to have.


While many people consider the LSD marijuana strain to be a sativa-dominant hybrid, the genotype that it possesses is rather balanced. It is composed of 45% indica and 55% sativa, giving it a very stable combination of both species with regards to its effects. As far as looks go, the LSD marijuana strain displays a very indica-like plant structure. The short plant that it produces grows up to around 3 to 4 feet in height. Additionally, the dense and compact buds grow into golf ball sizes that need an ample amount of sunlight in order to bring out its full potency. The leaves of this strain emit a very dark green color that may give off some shades of purple when cultivated properly. 

The LSD marijuana strain is a rather easy strain to grow in terms of being resistant to pest infestations and molds. Because of this useful trait, this strain can be grown in just about any setup. But one of the things that you need to look out for when growing the LSD marijuana strain is the temperature and humidity level that it is exposed to. The compact marijuana buds will need a specific and detailed light pattern in order to stimulate the building up of potency. Also, avoid damp areas because, despite the resistance and durability, it is entirely possible for this strain to catch rotting leaves and buds. The LSD marijuana strain is very generous when it comes to the yields. It is capable of producing around 500 to 600 grams of marijuana buds easily. This strain is also very fast to flower, often taking around 7 to 8 weeks to mature and be ready for harvest. Outdoor growers can expect their LSD plants to be ready by mid to late September.


Medical Value: Other than being a popular leisure strain, LSD is also a very famous medical strain among marijuana patients. With a very relaxing high and deeply hallucinating effect, patients find comfort in using this strain to treat various diseases and illnesses. It is capable of stimulating your mind and filling it with all sorts of creative and happy ideas. Any symptoms and negative side effects of depression and anxiety are immediately mitigated. In addition to this, the LSD marijuana strain will give medical patients a clear-headed high that will relax the mind and get rid of any headaches and migraines that they may be experiencing.

The LSD marijuana strain has very affecting pain-killing properties that help treat back pains, arthritis, muscle spasms, and inflammation of the joints. The high CBD level measures around 3% to 5% which gives this strain the ability to induce the perfect relaxing body buzz.

Recreational Effects: Well, the name of this strain says it all. Expect a very psychoactive and trippy experience when giving this strain a go. It will immediately bring you to a whole new world of euphoria after just a few tokes. The hazy and somewhat disorienting cerebral effects of the LSD strain make it a very mind-altering choice, capable of producing some hallucinations in users. As such, it isn’t a strain that we recommend to novice smokers. 

This strain carries a THC level of 24%. Aside from the cerebral high, the LSD marijuana strain also causes a very heavy body high that will keep you still for many hours. It may cause some couch-locking effects if taken in large doses. 

The LSD marijuana strain provides users with a unique choice of weed whenever they feel like trying out something new. The extraordinary effects that it brings to give the LSD strain a profile that can’t be emulated anywhere else. Additionally, LSD provides enough punch to keep even the most experienced users modest. It is a great choice for those who are regular marijuana users who opt for stronger and more potent strains.


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