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With the technology and innovative ideas that are available at our disposal today, many marijuana seed breeders and developers have come up with various strongest marijuana strain of every kind. And as time passes by, weed typically gets stronger and stronger. But just how exactly do you measure a marijuana strain’s strength and potency?

Some of the best and most recognized marijuana strains in the world today are known to pack quite a punch. This is because of the high THC content that they have. During the old days, the typical marijuana strain contained THC levels of 15%-18% on average. But in today’s market, it is quite common for marijuana strains to pass the 20% to 25% threshold. Keep in mind, however, that the THC level doesn’t necessarily mean it is a strong marijuana strain. Some versions of various weed types contain a moderate amount of THC yet are capable of knocking users out.

Here are the Top 7 Strongest Marijuana Strains in 2020:


Starting off our list is an award-winning marijuana strain that everyone has surely heard of. The Chemdawg was the previous winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup during its early years. It was awarded for its insanely high THC level of 32%. With THC content at that level, Chemdawg is sure to blow your brains out with each toke.

Chemdawg is believed to have first originated in Denver, Colorado. It is a mix between a Thai sativa and a Nepalese landrace strain. It carries with it a genotype of 55% indica and 45% sativa. This gives it a well-balanced high that is perfect for both uplifting your mood and helping you relax. It also works great for settings that are calm and chill. Keep this away from smokers who are prone to paranoia.


Well, the name of this strain certainly speaks for itself. Memory Loss is a sativa-dominant hybrid that imparts a cerebral high like no other. It was first developed in the West Coast by crossbreeding the famous Amnesia Haze with the Face-Off OG strain. Known as one of the most powerful and mind-altering strains ever created, it carries a THC level that reaches up to 31%. It is a strain that we do not recommend to beginner marijuana smokers. 

Memory Loss is capable of delivering some serious punches with every hit that you take. The mind-boggling experience starts almost immediately. Afterward, it continues to send wave after wave of euphoria that completely gets you high and unable to function properly. On the other hand, this strain does impart some creative juices and helps you come up with some wild ideas. Users report that there are no hangovers with this strain.  


You can’t have a list of the strongest marijuana strains without having a phenotype of the world-renowned Bruce Banner in it. On this list, we chose to have the Bruce Banner BX 2.0. It is an amplified version of what many people consider to be the most potent cannabis strain across the world for many years now. The Bruce Banner BX 2.0 comes from crossbreeding some Strawberry Diesel with Bruce Banner #3, the best-selling version of the Bruce Banner series. With a THC level that constantly measures above the 30% range, this monstrosity is definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Much like its parent strain, the Bruce Banner BX 2.0 induces a very strong cerebral high. While it may be too overwhelming for some, this strain won’t force your body into crashing. In fact, it helps marijuana smokers by keeping them energized and boosting their sociability and confidence that will last for long hours. Additionally, the soothing effect on has on your body tops it all off for the perfect vibrant high.


Despite being one of the least known strains on this list, the Triple G strain has proven to be a dangerous hitter if you aren’t careful of what is to come. Triple G is an indica-dominant hybrid that results from crossbreeding the Gorilla Glue #4 with some Gelato 33. This sweet-tasting strain carries a THC level that reaches up to 28%. While it isn’t the highest out there, Triple G is still one of the most potent and rich strains that you can get.

Triple G can easily overwhelm your whole body and put you in a state of couch-lock. With just a few puffs, users will feel completely disoriented and probably have a hard time functioning. This is the ultimate relaxation strain is you wish to spend many hours knocked up. 


When people talk about the strongest marijuana strain, it is common to hear Bruce Banner #3 mentioned on numerous occasions. In addition to its ridiculous THC level, Bruce Banner #3 also induces effects that will leave users speechless – literally. Bruce Banner #3 is the strongest and most potent version of the original BB series. It contains a THC level that averages a solid 30% during tests. The sativa-dominant influences ensure users that it won’t leave them in a dangerously strong state of couch-lock. 

Bruce Banner #3 is actually a very energizing high. This isn’t something that you would expect from a THC level this high but Bruce Banner #3 managed to pull it off. It keeps your body feeling very light while keeping you up on your feet, making anyone able to function properly after smoking it. 


This is it. This ladies and gentlemen is the big one. Often dubbed as the strongest marijuana strain in recent years, Godfather OG has dethroned the likes of Chemdawg and Bruce Banner #3 as the scariest and hardest hitter in the cannabis industry. It carries an astonishing THC level that measures up to 34%! This is the highest measured THC level by High Times Cannabis. 

What should users expect from the Godfather OG? Well, getting in a state of couch-lock is definitely a given. However, do not worry as it is a very smooth-sailing strain. Godfather OG highlights the euphoric experience while taking you on a trip to dreamland. The heavy feelings you will get promote a relaxation that will quickly overshadow any problems and negative feelings that you may be carrying.


Lastly, we have the Chem Berry D marijuana strain. This sweet and fruity-tasting marijuana strain is a delight to smoke. However, one must not get overly excited as it can get rather sedating if too much is consumed. Chem Berry D carries a THC level of around 27% to 30% with some version of it containing as high as 32%. It is the result of crossbreeding some Chem 4 with Strawberry Diesel. As such, you get an amazing combination of diesel and fruitiness with every puff. 

Chem Berry D imparts a very powerful high that alters the perception of any user that smokes it. While you feel your senses slightly delayed from the cerebral high that it offers, users are simultaneously sent to a haven of euphoria where their mind is instantly removed of all its worries. 

Well, there you guys have it. Here is our list of what we think are the strongest marijuana strain in the market today. If you wish to get full-blown away by some of the most powerful strains in the world, then we recommend giving these strains a try. Just always be careful when you give these strains a go. Not having enough experience with cannabis may very well lead you to feel discomfort and paranoia due to the strength of these strains.


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